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Back from the Winter Wonderland… and yarn!

Hi everyone! I haven’t updated this blog for a while. I’ve been busy since returning to Ireland, and to be honest, not in the best mood. But works starts again now and there’s no more time for whining and bad moods, or for procrastinating – so here I am!

The most brief recap of my holidays: it was cold. I know that those of you in the USA are experiencing some really tough winter weather now, so you probably won’t appreciate words like “winter wonderland”, but to me, this is the best description of these two weeks in Poland. I grew up in the place with really cold and snowy winters, and the temperatures between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius (google says it’s between 23 and 14 F) with sun and beautiful, white snow, are just what the kind of winter I enjoy. Not too cold to breathe outside, but not warm enough for the snow to turn into mud. Having said that, I definitely appreciate such weather much more when I don’t have to experience it on daily basis, and instead can enjoy it as a rare treat. I definitely wouldn’t like to live in that climate anymore!

This is day 1, at the airport

From my own observations, I can say that winter is most enjoyable for people who ski or are into some other winter sports. I don’t ski, but I love skating and hiking (on not too challenging trails as they can get dangerous at this time of the year), and so I did both of these things. I also tried walking with snow rackets (my brother’s idea!) and I absolutely loved it. It made walking on the deep snow much easier and safer, and I was able to reach places that were not available without rackets.

So much snow!

And now I’m back to Ireland and guess what? There was a lot of yarn waiting for me here! My birthday is at the beginning of January, and I decided to treat myself (as a birthday gift, because is there a better excuse than that?) and do some yarn shopping. Beside the Drops Alpaca yarns that I bought at the end of the last year (and scrap yarn of all kinds), my stash was getting sad and empty, and I didn’t like it. So I bought some new supplies in a yarn store in Dublin and ordered some more, and now I feel happy and satisfied thinking of everything I’m going to make with it. And here’s what I bought:

Knit By Names DK, bought at This is Knit. That’s the only purchase made without a plan, I just couldn’t resist…
The Croft, aran weight wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. For a cardigan.

I’ve also ordered some fingering weight Latvian wool but it’s still on the way to Dublin. Can you see a pattern here? All of this is pure wool, some softer (merino), some quite scratchy (the Latvian pure wool), and this is definitely the type of yarn I’m gravitating towards these days. I just can’t resist all this woolly goodness:)

And finally some cotton and acrylic ombre cakes from Ice Yarns from Turkey.

The cakes above were purchased online specifically for a new crochet project. I’ve already started working on it and I’m going to post an intro to this new project soon πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Back from the Winter Wonderland… and yarn!

  1. Oh! Want all the yarns! LOL! I think I’m finally starting to get over this dreadful cold/bronchitis crud I’ve had for the past two weeks, and my thoughts are turning to knitting.again. I need to get busy on some WIPs and make them FOs. I’ve been watching knitting podcasts and discovering patterns of things I want to make.
    I’ll be interested to see your crochet project with all the lovely yarn.

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  2. The pictures of snow in Poland remind me so much of the long, white winters of my childhood. Each year in December, beautiful autumn landscapes were transformed into Winter Wonderlands and even I liked them, with all my Mediterranean aversion to cold climates.

    But — THAT height of snow — almost to your shoulders ! Looks a bit scary, to say the least 😬

    My birthday is just around the corner and I’m also treating myself to some warm woolly makes. All of your new yarn looks super warm and inviting and I bet you’ve at least two ongoing projects on your needles right now πŸ˜„ What I’m most curious about is your new crochet FO, as I’ve never used a similar yarn myself.

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    1. Luckily that amount of snow was only in the mountains, it was much less in the city πŸ™‚
      The cake yarn is something different, it is made of 4 thin threads that are not really spun together so it took me some time to get used to it, but I love it! The long, gradual colour changes make me want to keep using it just because it’s so pretty.

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  3. Looks like you had a great vacation! I’ve never used snow rackets, but I like the simple science behind them. From spending a very short time in snow, I second your opinion about it being wonderful only if it’s temporary. πŸ™‚
    Belated birthday wishes! Loads of yummy, cuddly yarn – absolutely the best (self-)gift ever. Looking forward to all the projects you’ll use them for.

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    1. Thank you!
      And definitely, winter is only great in small doses 😁
      As for rackets, they’re so simple yet work. Physics in real life (still, my brother is umm, a little heavier than me and couldn’t walk on a very deep snow even with rackets on πŸ˜‹).

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  4. Happy belated birthday and welcome back! That winter wonderland looks gorgeous! Wow! I’m glad you had a great vacation, and all that yummy yarn to return to!

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