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Winter into Spring

Square No 1

When I came back from Poland, I was planning to start knitting a sweater. I have a few of them in my queue, and I bought some gorgeous yarn, so it seemed like a natural thing to work on next. But I’d also ordered some very colourful yarn cakes before leaving for my winter break, and I just couldn’t get them out of my head. I needed to start my crochet project and enjoy all those colours immediatelly!

My new crochet project is Sophie’s Dream – a blanket or a throw (I’m not sure how big I’m going to make it at this stage, we’ll see) based on the central part of Sophie’s Universe, a square throw designed by Dedri Uys. I’ll be honest: I really don’t need a new throw. And I have a hibernating throw that I should continue working on, so I can’t say that I had any reason to start this project other than “because I really wanted to”. The amazing, vibrant colours, ombre gradient yarn, and almost 3-dimensional texture of the squares in the pattern were simply too irresistible to me.

Getting started. Suddenly it seems like it’s Spring.

There are project kits with Scheepjes Whirl available at Wool Warehouse, but to be honest, I thought they were too expensive. Luckily, I found a good substitute at the Ice Yarns online shop. They have a little different proportion of cotton and acrylic content, and each cake is shorter than Scheepjec Whirl (600 metres instead of 1000). However, they are sold in sets of 2 cakes, which amounts to 1200 metres and still costs less than the Whirl. It seemed like a good deal and when they arrived I was not disappointed.

This blanket is going to be very colourful, so I think it’s the kind of project that not everyone is going to like – but I love colourful stuff, so it’s just perfect for me.

Progress after 1 day. Such a perfect match for the daffodils!

Since I have a lot of work now, I can’t spend too much time crocheting – especially that this pattern really requires focus. I make a round or two at a time, and it’s great this way. I’m not in a hurry, and it’s a great way to let my mind rest between different work-related tasks.

So while I don’t know when will I make any significant progress, I’ll keep you updated when I manage to crochet more squares!

In the meantime, the last order from my “sort-of-birthday-yarn-shopping-spree” arrived all the way from Lithuania. It’s a thin, fingering weight lambswool in different shades of purple, pink, and red. I’m thinking to use part of it to knit another the Bressay dress by Gudrun Johnston – only in colour blocks instead of Fair Isle yoke, and without pockets. We’ll see – it’s in my queue and it’s probably going to be a while before I even start knitting it. Still, the yarn is so pretty that I almost regret that winter and sweater season is coming to an end soon!

9 thoughts on “Winter into Spring

  1. Oooh love love love the crocheted square! I think the throw / blanket will be wonderfully colorful! Perfect for winter when one needs a bit of cheering up.
    I also love the various pinks and reds. It’ll be interesting to see how you modify the dress to include color blocks.

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  2. I can see why you want to do that crochet project — so colorful! It would look great thrown over the back of a couch or in the center of a bed, or even hung on a wall. Bright color is fun. It perks you up. I know about having time to work on things. So many things to knit and crochet, so little time!

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