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Failed attempt

Some time ago I bought additional crochet thread to finish my Pineapples Tablecloth, which had been hibernating for a while as I run out of thread (that’s what happens when you buy unusual thread size on sale!) and couldn’t find any more of it anywhere. And then I bought a different thread in the same size, which looked similar enough and it seemed that I’d be able to continue my project after all.

Alas, it didn’t happen. It may have looked similar in my drawer, but as soon as I started crocheting, the difference was just too visible to continue. The new thread will have to wait for a different project, some time in the future – but what about my tablecloth? Should I wait more, until (if) I find the right thread? I decided against it. I crocheted the last 3 rounds in the old thread, frogged the part made in the new one, and called it a day. It may be missing the final round of large pineapples, and it’s a pity, but it looks fine as it is, too.

And because it’s quite heavy I didn’t really have to block it beyond normal flat drying!

So I tried, I failed, I’m happy anyway 🙂 This is going to be a gift for my parents one day, and in the meantime, it’s waiting in the box in my wardrobe.

In non-crafty news, things have been a bit heated here recently. I’m up to my neck in work, and it’s stressful enough on its own, because we have very strict deadlines, and since the whole team has been reduced, I have to deal with the projects and topics outside of my professional comfort zone. As much as I like a good challenge, I wish I had more time for that.

And then on top of that, Ciri has gotten really sick. All of her symptoms and test results seem to point at FIC – a complex recurring disease of the urinary tract in cats caused by a set of factors, but mainly by stress and an abnormal reaction to it (and we’ve had some stress recently, including an annual check-up at the vet, which is a very scary experience for her). It was absolutely terrifying to see her strain in her littler box, unable to pee when she’d been perfectly fine just a few hours before! I called for an emergency vet appointment and thankfully she didn’t have a full blockage, so a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication helped (although it had taken a few days before we could see an improvement). The point now is to exclude in 100% other potential causes and then, to prevent another episode. Which means, among others, increasing her water intake. Now, it’s tricky, as Ciri doesn’t like wet food, so trying to put her on a wet diet is going to take a lot of time and effort (and patience…). I’ve also placed many different bowls all around the house to encourage her to drink more and it seems to be working! I’m also planning to buy a water fountain as many cats prefer flowing water so I hope it can make her drink even more.

I’m so relieved that she’s better now and could return to her housekeeping duties again 🙂

For now, I’m just so happy that she’s better – I’ve been a total mess and very worried for the past couple of days and as you can guess, it certainly hasn’t helped me with my work… There’s just something heartbreaking seeing your pet suffer and not being able to help.

At least Stella is fine and hasn’t had any episodes of her illness in a long time! Also, it’s yet another case when I’m blessing our veterinary clinic and their free visits payment plan, plus a person on cat forum who encouraged me to invest in pet health insurance years ago – I’d have gone bankrupt long ago without them!

Alright, I think I’ll finish this post here. I promise to write something a little more positive next time 🙂

17 thoughts on “Failed attempt

  1. Poor Ciri! I used a pet fountain for my cats — I had bowl drinkers and stream drinkers — and they all loved it. May I suggest you get one that is either ceramic or stainless steel, with as few plastic parts as possible, so that it can be easily and thoroughly washed in very hot soap and water. The plastic ones are cheaper for a reason: The plastic surface pits and scratches, and you just can’t keep it clean. The one I had was ceramic — the bowl and spout could be put in a dishwasher. It ran off an aquarium pump and if the pump went out, it could be easily replaced from a pet store that stocks aquarium supplies. There was a rubber gasket, and a plastic holder for the charcoal filter, but they could be washed in soapy water. It was very easy to disassemble for cleaning and reassemble. Be prepared to buy replacement charcoal filters and “hair catcher” filters in bulk because you will want to change the filters every time you wash the fountain, especially with two cats drinking from it. I love mine and so did my cats. After I lost the last of my three cats last year, I packed it away, because I will have cats again.

    This is what I have:

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    1. Oh, thanks for the advice! Stella’s granuloma may be triggered by contact with plastic (we don’t really know that but it’s one of the most common triggers, along with insect bites) so they already use only ceramic or stainless steel bowls, but I haven’t thought to check for ceramic fountains too!


  2. That must have been really scary, and I’m so glad Ciri is doing better now. Hope the water fountain helps in the future, but it’s a relief that she’s drinking more than usual already.
    As for the tablecloth, it’s stunning! The larger pineapples might have ‘leveled it up’ 😉 but this has its own charm.

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    1. I’m still obsessively checking on her whenever she goes to the litter box like some creep! 🙄
      I have another large tablecloth in my queue (although not planning to start it anytime soon) and I’ll definitely choose standard thred No 10 this time!

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  3. The crochet piece looks very pretty, even without the last round of pineapples. But, stupid or not, I must add, if it were me being stuck in a situation like that I’d rather opt to frog it to a point and improvise to fit in the larger pineapples for the edging. That’s how my perfectionist kamikaze mind works, … lol

    So sorry to hear about Ciri’s problem, one of my birds had quite a disturbing health issue lately and I was terrified because they are so physically tender. A few hours under vets UV lamp and chamomile tea for drinks worked wonders and she recovered by evening, thank heaven…

    Lots-and-lots-and-lots of warm kisses to Ciri ❤ from me, she’s my (second-) namesake 😉 and lots of kisses & big big hugs to Stella❤ and you too ~

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad that your pet is better, it must’ve been so stressful to you! The feeling of helplessness is awful and they are fragile indeed. I probably read all the articles on PubMed abou feline urinary tract issues in the last couple of days and I couldn’t sleep at night feeling absolutely desperate. That’s the one bad thing about having pets… things can go wrong easily☹
      I thought about squeezing the final pineapples in, but they are large, it would mean I’d have to frog most of the previous pineapples rounds and I decided against it 😏

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      1. Clever decision 😃
        As for pets, I’ve had them since I was a baby and birds for the last 30 years. I can’t imagine my life without them and their sweet ways and so much of that special kind of love and joy they give so unconditionally 🙂


      2. Me too, I’ve always had pets, I used to work with animals too (best job of my life-in wild animals sanctuary where I took care of wolves, lynxes, deers, birds, snakes, bats and even a retired circus llama) and I can’t imagine living without them 🙂

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      3. Wow, awesome ! I’m absolutely sure you enjoyed it, I would have, too!!
        I was a “concrete jungle” child, mocked by peers for not having relatives in the country, everyone in my school had them. But I loved nature all the same, perhaps even more then they did. After my childhood dog died of old age in my early teens, I wanted a fox for a pet, used to bake home made sour cherry pies especially for wolves, brown bears and an old fox in the local Zoo – the wolves would leave their meat and run with their tongues out to my hand to get some, and that beautiful Fox relished it with such delight and almost sort of purred with joy and let me touch her and scratch her head and paws, tame and cuddly like a home bred dog, one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen… I wish people would teach todays kids more about nature. Everybody needs the gift of Nature to be complete as humans.

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      4. Yes… I think it’s not ok that we learn at school biology classes about biochemistry, things like Krebb’s cycle etc., but not how to tell one tree from another. Like… not that this advanced stuff doesn’t matter, but we completely miss the basic things and teaching kids to love and appreciate nature. Personally I can never shut up about it when I’m outdoors so at least my nephew now can recognize most of trees, mushrooms, animals and other things 😉 That’s what happens when you have an auntie whose job is taking care of nature 😉
        Also, pet fox and your friendship with zoo animals sound adorable!

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  4. Oh poor Ciri, I’m glad she’s feeling better 😦 It’s so heartbreaking seeing your pets be sick. And they hate going to the vet and taking medicine. If only they could understand you’re trying to help them 😦 Yes, thank goodness for pet insurance! We are on a plan for Apollo as well, and it has helped us sooo much.

    I’m sorry to hear that work is stressful 😦 It’s fun to learn new things, but not on a deadline and with a reduced staff. Hoping the craziness ends soon.

    That really is a gorgeous tablecloth and if it’s unfinished, I really can’t tell!

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    1. Exactly, they don’t know we take them to vet and administer pills for their own health and they think we’re trying to hurt them 😔 it really sucks to see them so scared (and sick…).

      I wouldn’t even mind work challenges but this is a bit much. I specialise in forest ecosystems, especially in mountain areas, and in plants conservation, but now I have to work on the sea ecosystems restoration projects and this is absolutely not my field. I have enough background to be able to do it (somehow…) but I really shouldn’t even have to. Ugh…

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