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Gifts and good news

Life’s been peaceful and quiet recently. I work most of the day, with not much time left for anything else, but it’s going to get a litter easier in about 3 weeks when the busiest phase of my work is over so I just have to survive till then. Still, I keep crocheting my Sophie’s Dream squares – a round here and there, between other things to do, and it’s such a great project to work on now! Unlike knitting, I don’t need to be super careful not to drop stitches, and it’s easy to keep track of rows since each round is completely different.

Ciri is much better, she’s been improving every day a little more, and for a few days now she’s been herself again. Including waking me up at 4 a.m. like she used to, and I’m so relieved that she’s better that I don’t even get annoyed with her. I’ve tricked my cats to drink more with water bowls places all around the apartment (I’ll order the water fountain next month together with the monthly food and litter supply), but what really makes them both drink a lot, is a huge bowl placed on the kitchen floor. I mean, the kind of bowl I have in the bathroom for when I need to wash something by hand. I throw a few ice cubes into the water and Ciri finds it so absolutely fascinating that she spends a good portion of the day at this bowl, drinking a lot. The Boyfriend laughs that she believes it’s the power of her stare that makes the ice cubes disappear! Clearly, she has The Force 😉

Speaking of the Boyfriend, he surprised me with an awesome gift for my name day. Name day is celebrated in both our countries of origin, but just how important it is, depends on the region (in Poland) and on the family tradition. In both our cases, it’s not a big deal and we rather celebrate our birthdays instead. So when he actually gave me a present, it was really unexpected – and what a present it was!

It’s a beautiful set of interchangeable knitting needles, Knit Pro Symfonie Rose in a faux leather gift box. They are made of laminated birch wood, in a burgundy shade. The needles from my old Drops set are all bent because I apparently use them in some weird way that causes bending (no really, I actually asked the ladies from the knitting group and none of those who have these needles has the same issue), just like the way I walk ruins my shoes very fast. We tried to bend them back but they’re still not quite straight. It’s honestly not a very big issue, but still, a new set is very welcome, especially so beautiful. I think they will complement the old needles perfectly – the Drops set is made of aluminium, and they are more smooth and slippery than the new wooden ones so I can use either of them depending on the type of yarn. I also decided to add 3 needles in larger sizes (the original set includes needles from 3,5 to 8 mm) for chunky yarn.

I must admit that my hands are itching to try them out, but I don’t want to start any knitting project until I have more time.

I also have some exciting news! The second edition of Woollinn – Ireland’s Yarn Festival will take place in Dublin in June. While it is possible that I’ll have to travel to Brussels sometime in June, it shouldn’t be over the weekend, so I decided to send my volunteering application for the festival (I actually had to share my Ravelry page for that to prove that I’m a good enough candidate!) and just this week I received a message that I’ve been accepted! I’m really excited about that, I love this kind of “hands-on” experience and I want to see it all from the inside instead of just as a visitor. I’m not assigned to any particular role yet, but whatever it is, I’m really looking forward to this experience. The list of designers who will come for the workshops is impressive (I heard that as soon as booking was opened, the system crashed from all the ladies who wanted to register for Stephen West’s class!) and I’m considering registering for Bristol Ivy‘s workshops about shawl shapes too.

So here’s my news and update, I hope you are all well and keep knitting, crocheting, or doing other things that make you happy!

12 thoughts on “Gifts and good news

  1. What an uplifting post! So happy to hear that your sweet Ciri is doing okay! And I love your gift. Major points for the boyfriend!!

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  2. That was a continuous stream of happy news! 🙂 Love your boyfriend’s gift, I don’t know how you’ve resisted the temptation to use them so far. It’s wonderful that Ciri is recovering, I liked your ice cube trick, lol… As for the yarn festival, it sounds exciting, and I hope you have a great time volunteering.

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  3. Wow! Hang on to that boyfriend of yours. He sounds like a real keeper!. I’m told that the wooden needles become slicker with use. So glad Ciri is improving. The thing with the ice cubes reminds me of my first two cats, a brother and sister. One day when I was loosening ice out of an ice cube tray, one flipped out and landed on the floor. I washed it off and plopped it in the cats’ water bowl just for grins. The little female, Shadow, was so fascinated by the ice cube that it became my practice that whenever an ice cube landed on the floor, it got washed off and put in the kitties’ water dish. She very quickly learned to recognize the sound and would come running every time it happened. Sadly, in 2004, I lost my baby girl to inoperable osteosarcoma at age 7, but even now, it still gives my heart a twinge every time an ice cube lands on the floor because I think of my sweet Shadow.

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    1. That is so sweet and sad at the same time! The little things that remind us of our pets when they’re gone.
      There is something about ice cubes that fascinates Ciri, she just can’t walk away 🙂


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