Sophie’s Dream – progress

I haven’t posted on my blog since February and I think it’s high time to write an update to my Sophie’s Dream blanket!

These few weeks between my previous post and today have been a bit rough to be quite honest. I’m stressed out because of work, and there’s been some worrying stuff going on both in mine and the Boyfriend’s families (health-related, and on top of that my family’s dog was hit by a car – she’s luckily fine now!). I’d like to just spend a day or two under the blanket with my cats, but I have to stay focused and give my best at work. But yesterday I sent my final report and even though today I got a request to prepare a few additional documents, it’s fine, because I managed to keep all my initial deadlines and did a good job, or so I hope. It’s like I could breathe again – the level of stress is so much lower! So today I’m taking a short break (and I’ve used it well so far!) before starting again with work tomorrow.

Alright, but what really matters here, is that all throughout those busy weeks, I kept working on my project. Square after square, keeping my hands occupied while my mind was focused on work, I haven’t even noticed that I almost have 14 squares ready! In fact, I have one more, but I decided not to include my first light green square, as it contained too much yellow, and I don’t really have this shade in any other square, so it doesn’t match. I mean, even as it is, the blanket is going to be a total mosaic of colours, so I want to at least keep only those which are repeated in several squares.

With so many repeats, I memorised most of the pattern. I still need the instructions every now and then just to kick-start the new round, but in general, I crochet from memory. It gets a little fiddly sometimes and the pain in my fingers confirms that maybe, just maybe, I should put it away sometimes, but it’s bringing me such comfort that I don’t want to. Seriously, these squares are addictive, especially that each of them is different than any other.

I’m planning of making a blanket with sixteen squares (the pattern is twelve squares, but it looks too narrow too me) and use it as a bedspread. And I’m keeping it! It’s going to be a perfect summer bedspread (just hoping that the cats won’t be too interested…), and it will liven up our mostly white bedroom.

When all the squares are finished, I’m going to add a navy blue border, and join them in one big square. I had to order the yarn for the border separately and I’m still waiting for it to arrive all the way from Greece. I just hope it arrives on time as soon as I’m done with the squares, so that I could finish the blanket quickly, because I can’t wait for it to be ready!

12 thoughts on “Sophie’s Dream – progress

  1. I love all the squares so far! (And you took the time to click each of them, nice!) I imagine the blanket would be absolutely gorgeous.
    I admire how you kept making the squares in spite of your work – this month has been non-productive for me hobbies-wise due to various things, including work, piling up. Hope things ease up soon for everyone.

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    1. Thank you Anita! You couldn’t stop me from making them – it’s almost therapeutic!🙂 and it wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t work from home of course.

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  2. That blanket looks beautiful! Such a beautiful spring project.

    I’m so sorry to hear of the health issues in yours and your boyfriend’s families, and so glad your fur sibling is okay! That must have been so scary 😦

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    1. Thank you!
      I laughed at the term “fur sibling” 😂
      It was super scary, luckily when they scanned her at the vet, she didn’t have anything broken and after about 2 weeks she’s almost completely fine 🐶

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  3. What a wonderful post! There is just SO MUCH truth here. The way crochet and knitting help manage stress amazes me again and again. So glad you had this gorgeous project in the works! And thank goodness your family’s dog is okay. The car incident must have been awful for all of you. I’m so sorry you had to go through it but happy that all is well now. ❤️

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    1. It’s like colour therapy isn’t it? And just holding the yarn in my hands is so calming, not even sure why. Thank you Melinda for your kind words!


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