Born From Sea Foam

After completing my large crochet project last month, I decided it was time to knit something for a change. Plus all the colour changing yarn bought for the bedspread has inspired me to knit a shawl… or maybe a few of them. So my first spring knit of the year is a light, garter stitch- based shawl with lace that I made with the yarn bought to crochet the border of my Sophie’s Dream.

The yarn was bought on Etsy and it’s a 900 metres long cake that transitions from dark navy blue to a very light, grey-ish blue. I used the darker part for the border of my blanket, and still had a decent amount left, so the shawl seemed like the perfect choice (I mean, in my opinion shawls are ALWAYS the perfect choice…). I have a long list of shawl patterns in my Ravelry queue, and I decided that I was going to knit the Sunset Lights Shawl by Stella Egidi. Something about the way in which the colours change from the deep darker shades to the light pale blue/grey, which is enhanced by the transition from garter stitch to lace, reminded me of sea foam. And even if it’s more the Baltic Sea or Irish Sea foam instead of a more turquoise Mediterranean foam and water, I just couldn’t resist naming the project the Aphrodite Shawl (because she was apparently born from sea foam, and because I was feeling particularly corny on that day I guess. And I refuse to acknowledge what this foam was according to the myth and how it got in the sea!).

This is a very simple, mindless knit. The garter stitch part is a repeat of 4 rows, and the only thing to remember is where to make an additional stitch or knit two stitches together, so it’s perfect to work on while watching TV or even reading. The lace part requires a little more attention, but it’s still pretty basic and simple, and repetitive.

I made only 2,5 repeats of the lace pattern instead of the recommended 3,5 because I was running out of yarn and because the shawl was already larger than I wanted. I think it still looks just fine.

I haven’t really blocked it properly, only dried flat after washing, as it’s going to be wrapped and sent by post as a birthday gift for a friend, so it’s going to be wrinkled when it arrives anyways. It’s also too big for my blocking board 😉

I have some other leftovers from the blanket project, so there will be more shawls knitted in the near future. But for now my hands are itching to knit a sweater with some of the lovely yarn I bought in January as a birthday gift to myself. I should work on it before it gets too warm to work with heavy woolen yarn!

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