Rinse and Repeat

If this shawl looks familiar, it’s because I’ve already knitted it before, not too long ago. In fact, now that I’ve checked the previous post, I’d finished it less than a month before the second version.

My first Kindness Shawl 2018 KAL was made for a friend. At least in theory… because at the time of my annual meeting in Brussels I decided to take it with me. It was just a perfect match for my spring coat, better than anything in my wardrobe, and I knew I had another skein of identical yarn, so I decided just to keep the first version and re-knit it again after return. I actually took the yarn and needles with me, but the whole Brussels stay was so busy that I was in the hotel only to shower and catch some sleep – no time for anything else (seriously, 12 hours long work meetings, evening socializing because, after all, I only see my co-workers twice a year, and that Belgian beer is just too good!)! So I started knitting it as soon as I returned to Dublin.

I decided to knit it this time without any changes to the original pattern: no additional rows or lace section repeats. The result is that the shawl is visibly smaller (bonus: I was able to block it on my foam mat, while the first version was way too big), but also only has a tiny touch of red at the edge, instead of the larger section from the previous shawl. I think my friend is going to like it more this way than with a large red section. I’ve been considering getting rid of the red edging completely, but I think it livens up the shawl and gives it a unique character. At least I like it this way!

Interesting (well, for me at least…) observation: knitting a lace pattern for the second time is so much easier and faster! It was as if my mind and hands remembered the pattern and I didn’t have to stay too focused to work on it this time. I guess it’s that magic thing called muscle memory?

Now that the shawl is ready, I decided to have another go (after last year’s failed attempts) at some summer knits. It feels strange. I’m so not used to less stretchy, cotton or linen-based yarns! I still don’t know if I’m going to finish any of the planned summer projects successfully this time, but I will definitely write about it soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rinse and Repeat

  1. I think the tinge of red at the bottom will be just the thing. I recall you saying your friend preferred to wear black (her and Neil Gaiman!). Just that little bit of “fade to red” will really pop against black. I hope she loves it — I know I would!
    I’ve been getting back into knitting — finally finished a pair of fingerless mits that had been languishing for months. I really need to sort out my drawers full of WIPs — I really need to do a ruthless finish-it-or-frog-it “Marie Kondo.”

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    1. I have Marie Kondo tendencies, I constantly feel that I have too much stuff and that also concerns scrap yarn or wips, so I just did a stash cleanup today! Good luck with your “Kondo-ing”!


  2. Lovely! I like both shawls, and I too think your friend might like the new shawl better. You’re right about muscle memory – I’ve not knit much at all this month, but I might have gotten used to the pattern so whenever I do knit a row or two, I don’t have to think about it a lot. I can only imagine how much easier knitting a whole shawl again must be!

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