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Just an Update

I wanted to write a new post a few times over the last two weeks, but I just really wasn’t in the headspace for that. Between my travel to Brussels and now, a lot has been going on, and I think that my “knitting” reflected that! It’s been chaotic, with some failed attempts (summer knits of course, right?) and inability to focus on anything, and with one broken knitting needle (because of TENSION! Can you believe that stress )

So I thought it would be the best to break this post down into points and just write a little about everything. Buckle up!

  1. Summer knits: me 2:0

After all the failed summer projects from last year, it seems that things are not improving this year at all. I started and almost finished (see the photo above) the Purl Soho design Notched Hem Top. I had perfect yarn (linen with bamboo from Ice Yarns), I loved the pattern, it was simple and should be a blast – and yet I managed to ruin it completely. Just look at the armholes. I don’t even know how to comment on that! Just how did I manage to knit one armhole so big, and another one much smaller, is a big mystery and I don’t have an answer to it. I was so disgusted with myself when I realised what I’d done, that I just unraveled the whole thing. Maybe next year I will come up with a better idea for this yarn.

Then I tried to knit few different tops (I don’t even remember all the patterns right now) with another, cotton based summer yarn. That’s about as much as I went before ripping it all out each time:

I don’t know why, I’m just not feeling it at all. But I really want to make something with this silver cotton yarn, so I’m not giving up hope that the next I try to use it, it’s actually going to work out.

2. Kitty blanket

Yes, I made a blanket for my cats. Please don’t judge πŸ˜‰ I had this multicoloured cotton in my stash and I also needed a new blanket to put in the carrier when I take my cats to the vet (which is more often that I’d like to, since they both have their health issues), because their old ones were, well, old and it was time to replace them. It wouldn’t be worth it to knit a blanket with a more expensive yarn, since fleece blankets are super cheap, but so was this yarn, and it’s just perfect for a blanket. So here it is:

Like all cats, mine are also obsessed with cardboard boxes, so whenever we receive a parcel, we leave the box on the floor for them. It’s always irresistible and in fact we learned the hard way to do it only when we have at least 2 boxes, so they don’t fight!

I used the Simple blocks baby blanket pattern, and it was a nice, relaxing knit, especially after all the failures with summer tops. I love the cheerful, bright and summery colours of this yarn, and it flew off my needles very fast. I need to wash and block it lightly to close the tiny holes where the stockinette stitch transitions into reverse stockinette, but I already know I’m going to knit another blanket with the rest of this yarn. Maybe a little smaller as I used up a bit more than half of what I had.

3. Woollinn is coming!

Woollinn: Ireland’s Festival of Yarn, begins in a week. Since I’m a volunteer at the festival, it means that this weekend I have to go to the venue for a short training, and then for 3 days between Thursday and Saturday I’m going to be quite busy. I will do different things on each of those days which is great, as I will have a chance to meet the vendors and designers, and of course some local knitters and crocheters, which is exactly why I want to do it. I will post more about it after the festival!

4. Work: changes!

There’s a lot going on with my work right now. I’m still busy finalizing my previous projects, and the new working season starts in the second half of June. On top of that I’ve been promoted, although that is not technically the correct word, as I’m not an employee but a contractor. Basically I was offered to become a coordinator for my team and after giving it a lot of thought (with a strange mixture of anxiety and excitement), I decided to accept that offer. What does it mean? Without going into details, I will keep my previous duties and add some more on top of that, including quality control of the team’s work and some management tasks. Since I work in a specific way – sometimes having longer breaks between projects, and then working all days, without any days off for weeks – adding more to this agenda is definitely going to be challenging. But I also feel like it is time to move on a little and this is a good opportunity to learn some new skills and – last but not least – earn more money. I don’t really know how will everything work out, and how will knitting fit in with everything, but I’m determined to make everything work πŸ˜‰ So yay to the new challenges!

5. Some trips and a few photos

I thought I’d just post a few pictures from the recent weeks. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen them already, but that doesn’t mean you cannot see them again, right? πŸ˜‰ I haven’t really traveled anywhere (except the annual work-related Brussels travel), but we try to take day-long trips when the weather is somewhat acceptable. Well, almost acceptable, because for instance when we went for a hike in the Wicklow Mountains, it was so cold and windy, that I had to wear a thick jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, and still didn’t feel warm at all!

Except Wocklow Mountains, we visited County Tipperary and more specifically, we traveled back in time to the Middle Ages in the Rock of Cashel

…the ruins of former Cistercian Hore Abbey

…and the Cahir Castle.

I love visiting old castles and buildings (I’ve been lucky to live in the part of Poland called sometimes The Valley of Palaces and Gardens for three years and loved it so much!), as it gives me the feeling of going back in time for a moment, and I love to imagine what life must have been like in the past. The Boyfriend, on the other hand, is a bit spoiled – he is Greek from Athens, who grew up not far from the Acropolis and traveled to the areas close to Mount Olympus and the Thermopylae pass during summer holidays, so medieval castles don’t impress him too much πŸ˜‰ He still visits them with me though so he can roll his eyes all he wants as long as he agrees to travel together;)

And I think this is where I’m going to end this lengthy post. I wish you all a great and sunny weekend! Until the next post!

12 thoughts on “Just an Update

  1. I like how that blanket turned out. That is really pretty yarn. I haven’t been much into knitting this spring either, although I’m starting to want to get back into it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on the promotion – wish you good luck with all the new responsibilities!
    The cat blanket is cute, and Ciri looks really comfortable in it. (Or maybe it’s the box, lol.)
    I don’t know what comes over us and makes us do mysterious mistakes. Shame about the top, but let’s hope next year goes well. (And hey the cotton yarn looks like my Kashmiri Shawl yarn, if it were just a bit bluer.)
    Hope you have a blast at the yarn festival (guess your training is already underway) – I’m looking forward to your updates on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Luck is definitely what I’m going to need 😰
      Ciri was actually angry for covering her with the blanket for the photo, it’s the magic of cardboard that makes her look comfortable πŸ˜‰
      As for mistakes… I also don’t know how I could keep knitting and never notice that?! I guess I really wasn’t feeling it and just didn’t care enough…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great news, my congrats Kat & good luck !!
    Well, summer knits are fun once you get used to them, but I can completely relate to your aversion. I didn’t like them until I decided to stop following patterns and started designing my own. I draw inspiration from combining stitches and just knit out of my head, keeping it simple at that. You may want to try it, too, perhaps you might change your mind eventually like I did (οΏ«ά«οΏ©)
    Love your hiking pictures, those Irish castles look mysterious…


    1. Thank you Leah!
      Maybe my own designs are a way to go indeed, although honestly I’m not very creative and I like following the patterns, just enjoying the process of knitting and contact with yarn. I can’t really understand what is it about summer projects that makes me just “meh” about them. Maybe the fact that they never fell 100% summery, as the fabric is thicker than I’d like?
      But I’ll keep trying and maybe my own projects are the way to go πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Right, maybe it’s the yarn. I’m currently halfway through a summer top with KATIA Mississippi 3 on my 3mm needles and it knits beautifully, I’m really loving it. Really nice fingering 60% cotton with acrylic, you may want to check it out. Cheers! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

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  4. I think this is the second blog I’ve read today that mentioned some struggles with crafting, and I’m feeling it too – glad I’m not the only one who has been struggling with it lately! I’m sorry about the Purl Soho pattern, but in your defense, armholes sound pretty challenging. But that kitty blanket looks soooo sweet and cuddly!

    Congratulations with your promotion! That’s awesome! πŸ˜€

    Those are some very lovely photos! I think castles are so cool, we don’t have anything like that here in the States! (Unless some rich person decides to make their house look like one…LOL).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh and I hit send too fast πŸ˜– thank you for your congratulations! And I don’t know, my crafty mood is at a summer low I guess, interesting to know there are more of us!

      Liked by 1 person

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