I actually finished a Summer Top!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’m not very successful with summer knits. I’m never really happy with how they feel or look, or just make so many mistakes during knitting that I finally give up.

Well, I think I found the key to successful summer knits: they shouldn’t be for me. Very often I like a pattern, but then I just usually feel awkward wearing it (that is, if I manage to finish the project at all). Yet when I scroll through the projects for the same pattern on Ravelry, everyone looks so great in their summer tops or jackets! So clearly, that’s a case of “it’s not you (dear pattern), it’s me”.

Dear Friends, let me present you the Silver Blossom Tee, summer top designed by Amy Gunderson, my first summer knit in two years that I’ve actually managed to finish and hey, I’ve even enjoyed knitting it! I also love the final result. It’s made for my Mom and I really hope it’s going to fit, as I haven’t asked for her exact measurements this time (but I know she wears clothes about 1-2 sizes bigger than myself, and I think this top should be fine). It’s the kind of garment I can easily see in her wardrobe, I think she’s going to like it.

The pattern, as I mentioned, is called Silver Blossom Tee, and I took at least part of this name literally and used cotton and acrylic yarn with silver thread, Ice Yarns Cotone Stella. The silver thread feels a little metallic so I was worried, especially at the beginning of the project, that it would end up feeling like armor rather than a piece of clothing, but the final result is soft enough to wear even directly on skin. It may feel a little bit scratchy, so for more sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it as a base layer, but it’s not too bad, so honestly I think someone who doesn’t have sensitivity issues could easily wear it without any problems.

I took many photos to show that the yarn is indeed silver rather than grey, I think the one above shows it a little bit, although not as well as I’d like to. That was another thing that I found worrying while knitting, that it would turn up too silver and “festive” to wear during the day, but it’s not the case. It’s shimmery, but not overly so.

I also really love the simple lacy detail on the yoke, just like a wreath of petals around the shoulders, and the A-line of the top.

So there’s that, an actual (SUCCESSFULLY!) finished summer knit. Never knew this could really happen 😉

14 thoughts on “I actually finished a Summer Top!

    1. She better! 😉
      But seriously I think she will (as long as it fits…), she may be in her 60s but we still sometimes share clothes when I visit and I think I know her taste pretty well.
      And thank you!

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  1. Oh my gosh Kat, this is beautiful and would have taken me 3 years to knit. I’m happy you were able to find a summer pattern! I am sure your mom will love this top! 😀

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    1. Thank you! But you’d be surprised how fast it knits up, after the lacy part it’s just stockinette with a few increases and the yarn is DK so it doesn’t take long at all!

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  2. Congratulations on finishing a summer knit! And what a gorgeous knit it is – I think yoke patterns usually look good, and this is no exception – the petal patterning is awesome. I like the neutral color and the slight metallic shine at places, and I’m sure your mom will love it!


  3. What a gorgeous top. I suspect you will get major “mom points” from your mom when she receives it. It would also be a good transitional piece for spring and fall when worn over a long-sleeved tee or blouse when a little added warmth on your core is all you need to be comfortable. I also couldn’t help but think if you left off the garter “cuff” bands on the sleeves and continued the stockinette (with standard fitted sleeve decreases) down to the mid forearm or even wrist (maybe ending with the garter stitch cuff detail), what a nice colder-weather garment it would make. I’m going to have to look out for that pattern.

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    1. Yes, the pattern could be easily modified, and it’s such a pleasant knit, not too complicated, no seaming, but with some lacy elements to make it interesting 🙂


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