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I’m still knitting…

…just not as much as I’d like to.

I’m buried in work and stressed out, but I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel month, when the workload should get a little more manageable, and I hope to get some “me” time again.

I manage to knit a few rows of my Kalaloch Pullover each day, and that’s about that, but even with such low speed, it slowly starts looking like a pullover more than like a shapeless blob. It’s really oversized, and the construction is particularly interesting, as the actual sleeves are very short, and about half of their length is in fact the oversized yoke (if it even should be still called a yoke?). Everything is knitted from the bottom, and sleeves are attached to the body at the start of the yoke and later worked together with the body. The armhole openings are grafted with Kitchener’s stitch at the end.

I also managed to do some knitting-related shopping. I bought two pairs of Addi Sock Wonder needles to try out knitting socks with very short circulars. Usually I use double pointed needles, and I absolutely detest magic loop method, but I’m curious of this alternative idea. Some sock yarn is on the way to my mailbox too, so it shouldn’t take long to test my new purchase.

Another (and last) purchase are these two books (Stella at the top of the post shows her enthusiasm):

because I liked the idea of having a complete guide both for CO/BO methods, and for increases and decreases. All of these methods can be found online of course, so it’s nothing groundbreaking, but I think it’s a neat way of keeping all these methods handy when I need to check them out. I haven’t used them in practice yet, but just from the brief review, I think the CO/BO is generally better. The methods are grouped depending on what project they’re going to be used for (e.g. for rib, colourwork, stretchy or sturdy fabric), and very clear photos are such an easy and convenient way to choose the best option.

The Increase/ Decrease book is good as well, but in a way, it disappointed me – not because it’s badly written but because it ended my illusions of finding a way to create neat, invisible increases or decreases methods. I struggle sometimes with the way adding or reducing stitches ends up looking in the finished project, and I was hoping that maybe I just haven’t discovered the right method yet? Well, nope. Even the so-called invisible increases are always a bit wonky, that’s why I don’t think I’m really going to use all the various methods described in the book (I mean what for, if it’s never exactly what I want anyway…? I may as well just keep it simple and use the few methods I already know).

On the other hand, I cam say it was a little comforting to see that “it’s not me, it’s the stitches!” 🙂

And that’s all from me today, I hope everyone’s doing great. Till the next post!

13 thoughts on “I’m still knitting…

  1. I bought Sock Wonders not too long ago, too. I really like them. At first they felt like I was knitting with toothpicks but I got used to them fairly quickly and really like them now. I hope you’ll like them too.

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    1. I just made a first shy attempt yesterday and they feel really strange. Also they seem too long, at least at the beginning. I’m planning to knit the first few rows with DPNs and then when the fabric is more stretchy transfer the project to Sock Wonders. I must try to get used to them!

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      1. I know what you mean. I also chickened out on the heel and used DPNs. And obviously you have to use DPNs on the toes. I should also cast on something new on my Sock Wonders so that I don’t have to start all over again getting used to them. 🙂

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  2. Stella is obviously enjoying herself with your knitting, too. The way she buries her “nose” studying those pics in the book is just suuuper cute !!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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    1. She’s also clearly enjoying the warm summer days, she keeps rolling around all the time. And she follows me everywhere so it’s not easy to even try to read a book because it’s paper! And paper or cardboard is just irresistible to cats 🙂

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  3. We’ve all been busy, haven’t we? I just put up my first blog post in about a month about my own FOs.

    The upside to using circular needles for socks? No ladders! You should get pretty neat knitting without having to worry about laddering between needles (and yes, you even get laddering in Magic Loop).

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    1. It should also work well in colourwork, I have problems with keeping tension between two needles when I use DPNs. So in theory they should be great, let’s see in practice 😏

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  4. Great progress with the sweater! Only about half more to go, I guess…
    I’ve never knit with such short needles, though I sometimes feel like buying those for sleeves. Then I feel it’s a bit much. 😅 They’d be perfect for socks, though! Hope you do get used to them and enjoy knitting with them.
    Glad to see that even knitting books show wonky decrease stitches! 😂 Maybe Stella’s wondering when she will get to roll around on the stuff from the books. (I loved her pictures! ❤)

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    1. I like your optimism about the sweater 🤣
      Yes, this book is full of wonky decreases and increases too, that’s really disappointing. Some are ALMOST invisible, but not completely. And they try to call the wonky stitches “decorative”. The nerve!!!

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      1. Come on, all the small / fiddly bits, like the sleeves, are done, and there’s zero sewing to be done at the seams, which in my book is half done! 🙂
        So many decades of knitting evolution, but I guess wonky decreases are akin to cockroaches – they are here to stay, and no one likes them.

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  5. Melting at your cat checking out the knitting book.

    I hope work gets less crazy for you soon! I’m glad you have a nice project to work on to destress. I am still in the very beginning stages of learning to knit, but when I start learning to decrease, I will revisit this post 🙂

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    1. I’m melting too, Stella is the sweetest cat ever (I’m probably biased though 😉).
      Keep learning, once you get to decreases feel invited to bitch with me about how wonky they always look 😎

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