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Silver Blossom Tee No. 2

First of all, I’d like to thank you all for your kind words under my previous post. Your encouragement and support means a lot!

I’m still working on digging myself out of the black hole and it gets better every day. I’m functional again, resumed my regular workouts, and they always help keep my mood up. I also keep knitting a lot and that’s why I already have another sweater to share here.

Remember the Silver Blossom Tee I’ve knitted in July for my Mum? Well, I decided to knit it again, this time in a winter version. I had a sweater worth of Drops Sky in my stash. It’s a super soft and light alpaca yarn that I’d bought during the last year’s Drops Alpaca Party. I didn’t have any specific plans for it, I just took the opportunity of a reduced price, because this yarn is really wonderful and so pleasant to work with. I’d used it in the past for my Mint Tulip Skirt and despite my worries that it might not survive too long (as the yarn is so delicate and seems very fragile), it’s still fine and looks well after being worn a lot during the last winter. I decided that Drops Sky will work well with this pattern, but I wanted to knit longer sleeves. I actually hesitated between full length or elbow-length, and eventually compromised with 3/4 sleeves!

Modifying the pattern to add sleeves was very easy, I wanted to keep them loose so I made increases every 10 rounds, and then decreased every 5th stitch at the beginning of the cuff. This way they are comfortable and I think that they match the construction of the top.

It’s soft and cosy as expected, like a delicate blue cloud. The colour of the yarn is called jeans blue, and it’s a very pale, pastel shade. I have a good friend who loves everything blue and I decided that this is going to be a surprise gift for her. She is a little shorter and a little slimmer than me, so it was easy to knit for her, as all I had to do was choose a size smaller than what I’d knit for myself. It actually fits me too, but it’s a little tight, and it’s going to look better on her. I’m quite confident she’s going to love it, this is exactly her style, and I’ve enjoyed knitting something that will make someone close to me happy.

And beside knitting, I wanted to share another positive thing with you. I wrote here before about my parents’ dogs: Nika and Tosia. Since Tosia’s passing, my parents were absolutely sure that Nika would be their last pet and they would not adopt another animal. I was a little skeptical because I know my Mum and well, guess who has just adopted a dog? That’s right, let me introduce to you Gucio, a shelter dog adopted by my parents a few days ago:

He’s a dachshund and (probably) a terrier mix, and he was supposed to be about 5 years old. Turns out that he’s younger (probably 2, maximum 3 years old), full of energy, mischievous, and a bit of a troublemaker. He spent months at the shelter after being abandoned, and he has some behavioural issues (they’re actually contacting a behaviourist for him and for now he’s taking some herbal anti-anxiety pills to calm down a little), so he’s a lot of work, but I can clearly see my Mum is in love (apparently he also chose her to be his favourite human – he follows her everywhere and when she leaves the house he spends the entire time at the door, waiting for her) and the little guy has no idea he won a lottery by being adopted by them. He’s going to live like a king from now on 🙂

Come on guys, just water? Really?

So far he and Nika tolerate themselves, but there’s no big love, which seems similar to my cats. As long as they’re accepting each other though, it’s fine!

16 thoughts on “Silver Blossom Tee No. 2

  1. There is just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF in this post, but I have to start by saying HOOOORAY for your parents and their new puppy dog!! He’s absolutely precious!!! And what a lucky guy! I’m so happy for everyone.

    And your sweater! It is really cute! I missed the earlier one for your mom, I think, so I will have to go back and look, but this one is perfect. I especially like the leaf pattern around the neck. I’m pretty sure than anything you photograph against those fabulous crochet squares will take my breath away, though. That has to be one of the best blankets ever!!

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    1. I’m happy about the new doggy, too, I love happy stories about pet adoption, and he really needed a home, he was very anxious in the shelter. Also quite sick but now he’s getting the proper veterinary care so his health should improve soon 🙂 Also, my Mum sounds really happy.
      The blanket has its separate post or even a few, you can find them on the blog – I made it as colourful as possible and I loved working on each square!

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  2. Lovely, can’t see the blue quite right but I can imagine it. (BTW, I envy your friend on her gift)

    The news from your parents is super great, puppy Gucio looks such a candybear・ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ・❤

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    1. Yep, the blue is very very light and on the photos probably looks more grey. It’s too bright for me personally, but I know she’s going to like it (she better!;) )
      Gucio is a handful but I think that’s what my parents needed 😉

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  3. The leaf jumper is super-lovely. Your friend is very lucky. I’ve wanted to knit something with Drops Sky but haven’t because I thought it wouldn’t last, being so delicate. It’s good to hear that it’s fine. I want some now 🙂 Gucio is a sweetie!

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    1. It is delicate and you need to be extra careful while washing it, but it lasts better than I expected. I was also worried the back of the skirt would felt from sitting on it, but luckily it didn’t happen. And it’s just wonderfully soft!
      And thank you!

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  4. I love the lace work on the neckline. Such a delicate detail, like petals on a daisy. That’s a nice color. Another case in point for the saying, “There’s nothing a knitter loves more than a good excuse to knit something.”
    Gucio truly won the doggy lottery. A dog with a loving home is a “lucky dog” indeed.

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    1. Yes, this pattern is great, the lace details are so pretty and it’s a very simple, enjoyable knit.
      Gucio deserves a good home after a rough start in life! 🙂


  5. Love take two just as much as I did the first! I’m sure your friend will be thrilled to own this one.
    As for Gucio – gosh he’s just the cutest! Hope he has a great life ahead of him, and that he and Nika grow on each other. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Anita! 😊
      I’m getting daily Gucio updates and there’s still no love between him and Nika but at least they act civil… He even stopped stealing her food after she growled at him 😉

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  6. So glad you are feeling better! And as always, I am completely in awe at how you can knit these beautiful garments in just a week. It would take me two years to knit the items for your last two posts. Love them! This is gorgeous and will be so cozy for fall.

    OH MY GOODNESS that is an adorable puppy. I have a theory that the cuter the dog, the more of a troublemaker he is, and this one has troublemaker all over him 😀 What a sweetheart.

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    1. Haha he really is a troublemaker, he had a meeting with a behaviourist yesterday and she said he’s extremely hyper, his 2 hour long midday walk is not enough, he needs longer morning and evening walks too. And apparently he’s very smart, she encourages my parents to train him for competitions. Also as a dachshund and terrier mix he has an amazing sense of smell. I can’t wait to meet him in person 😍


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