Comfortable Socks

So autumn is officially here, and it shows. The trees are turning red, brown and gold; the days are shorter, and the temperatures dropped. I like this time of the year, it’s my favourite; at least until the cold and rainy days of November start. I’m trying to take the opportunity of sunny days and go for walks in my neighbourhood, and I keep knitting to prepare myself for the colder half of the year.

Sometimes the walks are a good opportunity to make new friends:

And when I’m at home, I can admire my cats getting ready for winter, as they sleep longer and stopped shedding as much as during the summer.

I’m still in self-care mode, and some days are filled with struggling to even crawl out of bed, but I’m coping. I also have some stuff to do for work, and next week I have to attend 3 days of panel meetings, luckily video sessions instead of traveling to Brussels. But once that’s done, there will be some follow-up work to do, and then I can rest until the next round begins in winter.

For now, I can’t stop knitting socks. It’s the ultimate self-care accessory for me; and I am very peculiar when it comes to socks. First of all, they need to be warm – which makes knitted socks just perfect. Secondly, they need to have the right fit. I really can’t handle too loose socks; they are extremely annoying and if I don’t feel nice, snuggly socks on my feet, or if they keep rolling down, I can’t fall asleep (yes, I sleep with my socks on!). But unfortunately my feet are narrow for their length – this is a problem whenever I want to buy new shoes too! So I have a problem with sock knitting and I always have to adjust the pattern to achieve the right fit. And when I find a pattern that works for me or figure out how many stitches to decrease, I stay faithful to it.

This is why I decided to use the Mustard Toes pattern again, as the previous time was definitely success! I used multicoloured merino and polyester yarn from Wollelfe, which is a very soft, delicate but sturdy yarn, and decreased stitches in the foot a little more than suggested in the pattern, which turned out exactly like I wanted. Something’s telling me that I’m going to wear them a lot this winter.

They look weird when they’re not stretched as the borders of the panel of reverse stockinette and normal stockinette stitch curls up.

Then I used another yarn from Wollelfe (I made some serious sock yarn shopping at this store this summer!); Merino twins gradient:

I love that they are separated into two skeins, 200 metres each, so it’s easy to control colour changes and the length of socks. I also have another version of this yarn in green shades, for a future project.

I decided to knit my first pair of toe-up socks to use up all the length of the yarn, knitting until each skein is finished. This project taught me two new techniques: Judy’s magic cast-on and an afterthought heel. Both very easy and useful! And here’s the result πŸ™‚

And my last pair of socks is based on the Ann Budd’s 8 Stitches per Inch Socks, and I made them for my Mum. It’s a tried and trusted pattern, the first one I’ve ever used. The yarn is from Clover Cottage Yarns on Etsy.

I’m still not done with socks so expect more updates on them. In fact, I’m already knitting another pair, this time for my friend πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Comfortable Socks

  1. I’m having serious sock envy over here! Love all of these!! What did you think of the afterthought heel? It doesn’t seem like people use it that often relative to other kinds of heels, but I find that it fits me very well and is quick and easy to knit.

    The pictures from your walks are wonderful!

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    1. I like this method, it’s nice to just knit a long tube and then get back to the heel at the end. On the other hand, I’m so used to short rows heel that I think it takes the same amount of time. But there’s less counting in the afterthought heel for sure so I’m going to use this method more.
      Sock envy absolutely means it’s time to cast on a new project and knit a pair of socks! πŸ˜‰

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  2. That’s the thing with socks. With store-bought socks, they control the fit and you either take it or leave it. When you knit them yourself, you can make them exactly the way you like. Freedom!

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    1. Yes! But it takes some trying to get the right fit πŸ™‚
      Because of my obsession with fitting socks, I usually buy them in sport stores, as I found out that the socks made for hiking or for running are usually more tight and fit better. And now I finally managed to learn how to knit my own socks just the way I like them!


  3. Wow, brilliant socks. The colour on the very long socks is great. I’ve never tried the afterthought heel – maybe I should. It looks so summery there compared to here. Our trees are almost bare now and we’ve already had some sleet :/

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    1. It’s an interesting alternative for short rows hill, I think it’s worth to try it!
      Vegetation season here starts and ends later compared to Poland, too, and the grass stays green all year long, although not as bright now as in the spring or summer. I’m used to it now but at first it was quite surprising πŸ™‚

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      1. I’ve lived in England and I was always amazed by the greenness of the grass in winter. And people mowing the lawn in November. Here we plough snow in November. Crazy.
        I’ll add the afterthought heel to my long list of things to try out πŸ™‚

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  4. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I can’t really figure out which pair I like the most, since they’re so different. I imagine it must’ve been great fun knitting them, and absolutely satisfying to have them fit how you want them to.
    Having zero sock-knitting experience, I’d heard of afterthought heels but only now do I know that it’s very literal term. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I haven’t even heard of them before! But yes, it was fun to knit all of them, and I loved the instant gratification of such fast projects πŸ™‚

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  5. I love all the socks you made! They seem super cozy, perfect for fall πŸ™‚ Glad you are treating yourself to some good care. And that is some beautiful scenery!

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  6. Thank you for leaving a comment on my leg warmers. I was just sending you a reply and somehow managed to type or click something I should not have done and your comment was deleted. Just like that, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to undo the delete. Doh. I’m very sorry, it was not my intention. I like autumn colours too and autumn is my favourite part of the year.

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