Still Light Tunic No 2

Almost two years ago I decided to take up the challenge of knitting my first dress in fingering weight yarn. I thought it was going to take forever and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but as it turned out, I loved knitting it and didn’t find it boring at all, despite the amount of stockinette stitch I had to make. This dress had been a little loose, which was fine and I wore it a lot, but I lost some weight since then time and it has gotten too large for me at some point. It’s still safely stored in my wardrobe in case if I get bigger again (and sometimes due to new or increased doses of meds I quickly “grow” one or two sizes very fast, or lose just as much).

The pattern is called Still Light Tunic and it’s designed by Veera Välimäki. It’s really well written, simple, and smart in the way in which the pockets are constructed because yes, this dress has pockets! I absolutely love this detail as so many female clothes, including jeans, suffer from the lack of pockets. The dress is also very comfortable and just perfect for the autumn days, when it can be worn with boots (and a cardigan if necessary, since the sleeves are not full length).

I wasn’t really planning to knit this tunic now – but then I noticed this gorgeous wool from Hobbii, called Dream Colour, and it was on sale for half the usual price, so how could I resist? It’s pure wool and all the colourways are simply gorgeous; so it took me a while to choose just one. Ultimately, I picked 4 skeins of the Japanese Fall – a wonderful and warm combination of burgundy and red shades, brown and purple. The yarn is a little coarse, which is typical for 100% lambswool, but not too much, and it seems softer after a good soak with Eucalan.

This time I decided to knit a smaller size based on the previous experience, even though it was XS which is not a size I usually wear (I mostly buy S or sometimes M, depending on the brand). Then, after finishing all the yoke increases, I tried it on and decided to add two increase rows more, and adjust the rest of the pattern accordingly. I also made it about 10 cm longer than in the instructions and decreased the number of stitches before knitting the bottom rib, to avoid curling up. For some reason, despite knitting with slightly larger needles then previously, my tension was tighter, and the dress is rather close fitted, especially in the chest, arms and sleeves – which is exactly what I wanted.

I really love this tunic, it’s such an ultimate autumn garment with its coziness and colour palette, and I’ve already worn it a few times. Honestly I could knit this pattern again and again, I think it’s perfect in its simplicity. It can be easily adjusted to summer version by using different yarn and knitting shorter sleeves, or made a bit shorter to be worn as a long blouse/ tunic with leggings or skinny jeans. And don’t forget about the pockets! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Still Light Tunic No 2

  1. You had me at ‘pockets’. 🙂 Yeah it’s ridiculous how women’s clothes don’t have pockets despite us wanting them. It’s worse when it looks like there’s pockets but turns out they’re ‘faux’!
    It’s wonderful that you have two different sizes of the tunic now. This autumnal version is just as lovely as the blue one. I like Veera Välimäki’s projects, and I’ve had my eye on a couple of them – not a tunic though, it’s too much for the weather here. 🙂

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    1. Yes the fake pockets thing is just ridiculous, like they’re teasing us!
      Lol we sometimes talk about moving to Athens and I always worry it would limit my knitting options so much 🙂

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