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Plans and Ideas

It’s a very dark and rainy November day, I’m sitting wrapped in my blanket at home (cats are enjoying the heating pad, and I’m a little jealous of how warm and cosy they look) so I thought it’s an excellent opportunity to update my blog. The last few weeks have been quite eventful both with the good and the not so good stuff and I’ve managed to finish some small knitting projects and start a new larger one.

But first of all: my Scheepjes CAL – the Rozeta Blanket – is officially hibernating for an unspecified time. I managed to finish the first three weeks of the CAL and I had to give up because of shoulder tendonitis. I know exactly what caused it: I sleep on the side, with my arm under my head, and it’s been causing me shoulder pain for months now, but even when I try to sleep on my back, I wake up turned to the side again, and with the arm lifted up and placed under my head. Such repeated minor injury is a common way to get shoulder tendonitis according to my GP. I have to be careful, avoid lifting my arm and generally let it rest, which is quite challenging considering it’s the right arm, and I am right-handed. Not fun! Anyways, I noticed that it gets considerably worse when I crochet, whereas knitting, for some reason, doesn’t make the pain worse.

So for now – no more CAL and no more crochet, at least until I sort this problem out and get some physical therapy to learn how to improve the way I move and use my arm not to cause any more harm. So far the pain isn’t lessening, so I doubt that I’ll be able to get back to this project any time soon.

Luckily, there’s still knitting!

I have a jumper on my needles at the moment, and I’m going to post it here as soon as it’s ready, but I also managed to finish two small projects – hats for the Boyfriend. I learned that hats are ideal projects for him, as he wears them during winter, unlike scarves or sweaters (he claims it’s too hot in his office at work and at home he prefers hoodies). This year he requested one in mustard shade, as simple as possible (his typical request – although I must admit that recently he’s been a little more adventurous with his clothes so who knows, maybe one day he’s going to request some fancy hat, too πŸ˜‰ ), and in addition to that I decided to knit another one, with a Greek meander above the rib. To my surprise, he loved it despite the “fancy” pattern, so I guess it’s a progress!

For the mustard one, I used a Two By Two pattern found on Ravelry, and for the blue one I didn’t follow any specific pattern except for the colour chart for the meander band. Both hats are knitted in Drops alpaca-based yarns, Lima and Nepal. And it seems I’m going to knit the mustard hat again as the Boyfriend left it on the tram today and texted me from work that he would really appreciate if I could make another one.

Beside knitting and giving up temporarily on crochet, we’ve been trying to figure out our plans for the next year or two and we decided that maybe it’s time to start thinking about moving away from Ireland, and settling down in Greece. The recession seems to have lessened, and there are jobs opening in his field (programming) again, so there’s a chance to find something there (while I can take my work with me, as long as I have internet and the ability to fly to Brussels twice a year). We’ve browsed rental ads in Athens and it’s astounding how much lower the prices are in comparison to Dublin, especially that the apartments look much better – they are larger, warmer, usually with a balcony, a fireplace (not necessary as the heating source but just because it’s nice to have it in a living room) and more bedrooms, for 1/3 the Dublin price. That means that even if he makes less than here, we could still live comfortably there. We could also finally start going on holidays together as there would always be someone to look after the cats and it would be easier to stay with my family if my parents ever needed my help. Plus we would live close to the warm Mediterranean Sea and be able to easily spend summer weekends swimming! Not to mention all the easily accessible and delicious Greek food and fresh fruits (that’s one of the main struggles for me here, the lack of variety of good quality fresh fruits and the ridiculous prices if they are available). There are also negatives, like the risk for me if I lose my current contract (much harder for me to find a new job there), tax issues as self-employed people are taxed very heavily even with low income, super hot summers and the need to use AC (my poor sinuses!), and obviously I have to really work on my Greek as it’s rather limited. Plus the thought of transporting the cats across Europe makes me anxious, especially knowing that Ciri gets uterine issues caused by stress. But all in all, I see more pluses than minuses and I’m actually excited about this decision, even if it means I’ll have to finally get on board with summer knits as winters are much shorter in Greece and summer lasts long!

However, this is not going to happen anytime soon. We still have some stuff we need to sort out, some legal and financial issues, and we can’t move until we deal with them, which may take time. That means we won’t avoid moving to a different place in Dublin before being able to relocate to Greece – but even so, it’s just so nice to have more concrete plans on the horizon!

Alright, I’m getting all chatty here and it’s already evening and my empty stomach reminds me that I need to prepare something to eat. Stay warm and safe my Friends!

12 thoughts on “Plans and Ideas

  1. Have you thought that your shoulder tendinitis might be a function of your pillow being too soft or too thin, causing your shoulder to hunch up. I sleep on my left side and I was having issues with spinal nerve compression on that side because my pillow was too soft and too thin. I got one that is very firm and very tall, designed for side sleepers. It was a bit pricey, but it lessened the compression of the nerves on that side of my neck to the point that I am no longer bothered by them.

    What an adventure going to Greece! I bet you can get your boyfriend to start speaking Greek to you at home to help you become more fluent. The sea air is supposed to be good for your sinuses.


    1. I had side sleeping pillow but I think the problem is more related to my cptsd-I sleep in very weird positions, all curled up and tense, and often wake up in pain. I’m actually starting somatic education in December which is meant to help me deal with muscle tension, hypervigilance and generally help me feel better in my body so I hope this will be a step in the right direction.
      Hopefully all the sun and lack of cold humidity in Greece will help my sinuses because this is so annoying! Bf talks in Greek but I like systematic, structured lessons where i follow a plan, it helps me learn. He will be good to practice speaking πŸ™‚


  2. Wow! You do have all kinds of things going on! The move sounds like it will be a good thing. Hopefully, having some time to prepare will let you address some of your worries. The upside sounds terrific!
    I love your hats! Your “progress” knitting for your boyfriend is so funny and cute. Lol!

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    1. It really is a progress, he used to only wear plain black/ navy blue/ other dark stuff, now he starts wearing colours, and this is the first time with additional pattern, so who knows what’s next πŸ˜‰ Pink?
      Having time before the move is both god and bad, I mean I’m eager to move now that the decision has been made (I’m not the most patient person…), but I also know we need to prepare. I think I have it all as much under control as possible; I made a detailed plan what has to be done and how much time before the move, and I’m trying to foresee anything that can go wrong. This is the time when the experience from work and all my previous moves is going to be very useful πŸ™‚

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  3. So much excitement on the horizon! You must be glad you’ve considered the pros and cons, and have arrived at your big decision. Hope you have a relatively easy moving experience. One of my friends swears by Duolingo – she used it to learn Gaelic, it might work for Greek too? πŸ™‚
    It’s great that your boyfriend is becoming adventurous as far as your knitting projects go! Looking forward to the evolution of your boyfriend projects, lol…
    It’s so irritating when the way one sleeps causes all sorts of aches & pains – I sometimes end up with a stiff neck, and the most recent one took almost a week to go away. Good luck with your therapy!

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    1. Thank you! I really need to work on my relationship with my body lol, weird as it sounds. I’m always tense and sit and sleep in weird positions and as I’m getting older the consequences are more painful too πŸ™„

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  4. Great hats! I hope your shoulder heals soon so that you can continue with the CAL. It looks brilliant so far. And the moving plans are so exciting! Athens is among my favourite places I’ve ever been. I could live on Greek salad alone – well, I basically do but the real thing would be better.

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    1. Yes, I love Greek food (salad included) so much and when we lived in Thessaloniki for some time I was happy just buying fresh fruits and vegetables each morning and eating them all day long, everything was so delicious 😍 I may even get used to the hot weather for that πŸ˜‰

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  5. Oh won’t it be so lovely in a warm country after living in the UK! You must let me know what it’s like to have natural light for good knitting/crochet photos :p
    I hope your shoulder gets better soon!

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    1. Lol I honestly wish that it could be a little less warm there in the summer especially when I have to work, but at least they have sweater weather in the winter πŸ˜‰ The sun is amazing in Greece so I guess once we move my photos may finally show real colours!
      But for now, I still have at least months of enjoying mild Irish climate and darkness πŸ˜‰

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  6. I am so sorry about your shoulder pain 😦

    The move to Greece sounds exciting! I bet all that sunshine would be wonderful after all the cold days in Dublin. I totally understand the dread about traveling with cats. I would.never. fly with Apollo; the pilots would probably find some random small town to land in to kick us off the plane!


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