Fingerless Gloves

I made a pair of fingerless gloves for my friend who lives in Dublin. I had no idea what size to choose and I picked the “one size fits all” pattern. It’s not exactly true – these gloves are definitely too big for me – but I think it’s a good average size and would indeed be right for most people. It was a very quick and easy project, and once the gloves were ready, I still had more than a half skein left (I used a skein of ruby yarn from my Wollinn festival haul).

This was a great opportunity to knit another pair, this time for myself, and here they are!

They look darker on the photo because sunny days are rarity now and the picture was taken on one of the typical dark and rainy November days. I’ve been wearing them a lot in the last week and they are perfect for this weather; they keep my hands warm and cosy. The yarn has some cashmere content (about 10%) and it’s really soft and nice.

I’ve been also working on a new jumper for several weeks now, but with my shoulder still in pain, my knitting had to slow down a bit too. And tomorrow I’m going to Poland for a week (and I’m not taking any projects with me) so I will knit the remaining sleeve when I’m back to Dublin.

Part of the yoke in the new sweater

16 thoughts on “Fingerless Gloves

  1. I love the color combination on your sweater, and that ruby yarn is gorgeous. I made myself some fingerless gloves in a grey yarn for knitting in cold weather. I have a sliding glass door in my bedroom (of all places) and a chair, table, and lamp set up in front of it which is where I knit. In cold weather, sitting in front of that uninsulated glass door, my hands get cold. I made the gloves specifically to wear when I knit.

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  2. Beeeeeautiful jumper!!! Can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    Aren’t fingerless gloves the best? I used to be a skeptic. I thought, how can something with no fingers keep my hands warm? But they do!! Now, I wear them all winter. Love the color of yours!

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    1. They are the best in Ireland, although I wouldn’t survive without full gloves in Poland 😏but I love them and they are so easy to knit.
      Greetings from the plane 😊

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  3. From the plane?! Wow! I’ve never been able to be connected on the plane. That changes everything, right? Especially with no knitting!

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  4. Love the red of the gloves! Are they comfortable with the straps? (I don’t really understand bunching-fabric-up straps on snugly-fitting stuff.)
    The jumper yoke looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it done. Have fun in Poland, and hope your shoulder feels better soon.

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      1. Oh they definitely score in the looks department! And I wouldn’t think twice about using the straps on slightly loose sleeves. 🙂

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