After Midnight Sweater

It’s been a while since my last post and it’s almost embarrassing that I haven’t posted any photos of my newest finished jumper yet! In my defence, I’ve been away for a week and then it took ages (no really! four days!) for the sweater to dry after washing. It’s been consistently dark and gloomy so I finally decided to stop waiting, take the photos without good light and edit them to brighten them a little. And here it is: my After Midnight Sweater!

It’s another Drops pattern, from their latest fall/winter collection, knitted with DK weight yarn, with a circular yoke and some colourwork. You may notice a bit of a trend in my latest colour choices, as it’s my second sweater in similar combination of dark green and rusty shades, after the second Citrus Dream cardigan. It’s interesting how I’m drawn to certain colours for a long time and then, depending on the season/mood/who knows what?, I find myself drawn to completely different palette. Like last year I’ve been strangely obsessed with pink for a short while, even though I’d never liked pink before, only to go back to my formerly favourite fall shades.

For this jumper, I chose wonderfully soft, silky and luxurious yarn from Dye Dye Done, called Yakalicious DK. Dye Dye Done is a Polish brand of hand-dyed yarns, run by a designer Hanna Maciejewska (Hada Knits on Ravelry) and her husband, and I actually discovered them at Woollinn. Yakalicious is sold in fingering and DK versions, and it contains merino, yak wool and silk. It feels and knits up as wonderful as I expected, and the sweater is super comfortable and warm, with a delicate sheen from the silk content. I had some doubts about my colour choice, as there is not much contrast between the main and secondary colour, but I really like it this way. The pattern does not show as clearly as it should, but I like the slightly muted and calmer final result.

Before blocking

The sleeves are a little wider at the forearm area, and finished with narrow cuffs, and other than that, there’s very little shaping in the project. The colourwork is also not extensive, so all in all, it’s an easy pattern, and a very relaxed knit.

And now I have my perfect winter sweater!

Moving on from the sweater, I thought I’d share with you some photos of my parents’ new dog Gucio, wearing a dog hoodie made by me for his big sister Nika. Nika sort of… umm… outgrew her sweater so now it’s better for Gucio. However, this good boy knows that sweater means a walk, which makes him super excited (everything does to be honest), so taking a good, not blurry photo is an impossible task. I still tried though.

That’s the best I managed to capture. He’s just always moving and jumping around πŸ™‚

Gucio has been dealing with some health issues during his shelter stay and some of them still linger, and even when I was in Poland he actually had a bad chest infection and had to take antibiotics (best dog ever to give meds to, he just eats everything, including bitter pills and cough syrup!) . The vet recommended short winter walks and he should always wear a coat or a sweater outdoors at this time of the year, so I can see myself knitting more dog jumpers in the future. He’s definitely happier about wearing them than Nika πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “After Midnight Sweater

  1. I do like your color choices on this one. That gold goes so well with the green. You’re certainly at least one up on me — the sweater I’m knitting on at the moment is for a ball-jointed doll!

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    1. I’ve been low-key obsesseed with ball-jointed dolls for a while and I’m thinking of getting one to knit for het, but I worry that once I start it may turn into a new hobby and I already spend too much on knitting πŸ˜‰


  2. Season’s greetings! πŸ™‚ The sweater is beautiful, and I love your choice of colors. The flare at the forearm is an interesting feature and works well for this sweater.
    Gucio is adorable, and you seem to have had a wonderful time with him and Nika!

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    1. Thank you, Happy Holidays to you!
      I like the colours more and more too, I’ve been uncertain if they shouldn’t be more contrasting, but I think the more muted effect is more “my” thing.
      And Gucio and Nika were lifesavers, sometimes my visits to family home can be difficult but they kept me sane lol πŸ˜‰

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  3. Another excellent sweater!! It’s very nice and the colour choice is once again spot on. Doggies look very cute too. I had the same problem with my dog and picture taking. Most pictures have just the tip of his tail πŸ™‚

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    1. Ugh I clicked “reply” too soon.
      The doggo is absolutely nuts, they keep working with behavioural specialist with him but still his enthusiasm and hunting instincts win every time (which is part of his charm but can be problematic in a block) πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope the doggie improves the way he’s supposed to. Our dogs were always ‘lively’, as we called them. I think other people would think of them as ‘misbehaving’.

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