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We moved!

This is my first post written in our new apartment because yes, we managed to find a new place and move! I am relieved, exhausted (with a painful cramp in my neck after carrying all the stuff), happy and excited at the same time. Honestly, January had been super stressful for me due to the combination of house-searching stress and illness, which in turn resulted in my mental state plummeting significantly. Like last year, I’ve been in and out of infections all the time, and I really lost the resolve to exercise or go out much at all. My meditation routine and therapy, which generally keep depression at bay, stopped working, and I had to increase my anti-depressant dose. It seems to be helping and finding the new apartment made even a bigger difference.

We live in the country now, in a village close to Dublin (administratively it’s in a different county but for the postal code is for the Dublin area). Our apartment is in a new complex which is still under development. The owners have only lived here for a while before being relocated for work to Switzerland, and they wanted someone who would not damage the property and keep it in order. And, as dog owners, they didn’t mind pets! I wrote an offer that was better than any cover letter I’ve ever submitted (including highlighting our age to prove we’re not partying youth, and the description of our jobs) and we had to offer also references from the previous landlords, from the bank and from our workplaces (in my case, from the company that subcontracts me). And somehow, we managed to convince the agent so much so that he even agreed to postpone the deposit and first payment for a week (that doesn’t happen here where there are dozens of candidates to each rental offer).

We did some necessary shopping – such as a computer desk and chair for The Boyfriend – and then managed to transport everything between Friday evening and Sunday. I know I shouldn’t complain, but the move itself was an absolute nightmare! I had no idea we collected so much clutter throughout the years – and the van we rented was not enough to transport everything in one go. In fact, we had to drive there and back three times on Sunday, each time carrying everything with just one small trolley and the lift in the new building not working yet. We crossed the van rental time by 2 minutes and had to pay the penalty. Then there was barely any time left to vacuum the old apartment quickly before the landlord’s arrival to collect the keys (luckily, I cleaned the windows and all the appliances such as the oven during the week before the move). I was so stressed and tired that I wanted to cry, which happens rarely, as I tend to work well under stress and if I break down from it, it’s after the stressful time ends.

Then yesterday we spent unpacking and assembling the furniture (like our desks, large cat tree and living room shelves). I couldn’t even be bothered with showering until yesterday evening when the work was finally completed. We made it!!!

Transferring the cats to a new home was also a challenge. I followed the advice of my go-to cat behaviour book and set up a safe space for them in the master bedroom, with Feliway plugged in two days in advance to saturate the air and make them feel calmer. I think it helped, as after the first day of hiding under the bed, they went out yesterday to explore the unknown space. Today they are still a bit nervous and hide under the bed at every louder sound, but I think they’re going to like it here. And why wouldn’t they; the apartment is larger, and they have a lot of cosy spots for themselves. I also ordered a few window mats for them and a new pet armchair, so they should be just fine.

Ciri chilling today with her cat laptop

The apartment itself is awesome; I love it! It’s very warm and quiet, and the village centre with some shops is not far. There’s a bus service to Dublin from the village and the train from the nearby town (this is how The Boyfriend is going to go to work, leaving the car at the train station, as it’s much faster and more convenient than the crowded bus). We have a guest bedroom and two bathrooms, a balcony and a modern kitchen with yellow accents that I absolutely love. I also made some destashing before the move, and I set up a craft station in the spare bedroom.

My “craft station”: yarn (shelves on the right and the purple stool) and some sewing supplies (shelves on the left). Oh, and my project bag! There’s also more yarn in another box at the opposite wall.

The downside is the price. Our previous flat was much cheaper (almost half of the current rent), but the truth is, there was not much choice for us now. The most reasonable pet-friendly offers were about EUR 300 per month cheaper, at the disadvantage of being much colder, which would result in higher heating costs, and sometimes located in the areas without good transport options. So we decided to move here, although this is going to be a strain on our finances for sure.

We’re not really sure how long are we going to be staying here before moving to Greece. There’s a lot of stuff (with the mortgage, with taxes, just to name a few) that we need to settle before moving there and let me say that the Greek administration is not a very efficient one. That means we can be here for a year or longer – I don’t think it’s going to be less than that unless we’re very fortunate. So I have to say that I’m glad we’re going to spend this time in a nice place and make some good memories πŸ™‚

Oh, and don’t think I’ve been staying idle throughout January knitting-wise! I managed to finish a few projects, and I’m going to write about them here soon. It’s my last free week before the work commences again, and I’m planning to use that time well, which includes updating the blog.

13 thoughts on “We moved!

  1. Don’t want to be too narrow in my outlook, but my favourite thing in this post is the moggy laptop – It’s WONDERFUL ! πŸ™‚
    The move sounds horrendous, and your almost caving in is hardly surprising; but you got it done without frightful drama ..
    Do be careful with spending: managing a steep rental can bring people undone. Having rented almost all my life (which is, like, loooooong), I know what I’m talking about.

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    1. The laptop is hilarious, I love it too! And it even has an actual mouse πŸ˜‚
      Yes, you are right about spending and managing money, I’ve been renting for years too now and I know how easy it is to get in trouble. I have practice with money management and budgeting though as I’m self-employed so I need to do it all the time. Still, I wish rental was more affordable in Ireland, the prices are completely crazy…

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      1. Yes, I see Ciri is playing with it – glorious ! πŸ˜€
        Rentals in Oz are vile, too; you Irish are not alone in that. Sighh ..

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  2. Moving is so very stressful but the new place looks great. I hope you are feeling much relief now that you are getting settled and your cats as well! xo

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  3. I last moved in August of 2016. I did most of it myself with 8 large lidded plastic bins. I had the movers pack most of the breakables (except my dishes) and move those and the furniture and my boxes of books, but everything else I moved in the bins, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. It was totally exhausting. At least you had the Boyfriend to help. Take it easy for the next couple of months and rest up before you have to schlep the whole lot to Greece!


    1. That was exactly that, back and forth, back and forth… from apartment to the lift, then to the car, then out of the car, then the lift in the new place is not working yet so there were stairs… my fitness tracker called me an overachiever that day πŸ˜‰
      I know the pain and I hope you don’t have to move anytime soon again!
      I think before moving to Greece we will need to get rid of majority of that stuff and just buy everything from the scratch. We will still have our clothes and some things we need to keep and I already wonder how we are going to do it.


  4. Moving is definitely such a stress – I’ve done it quite a lot too – but… Woo hoo you did it! I wasn’t going to check WP tonight (horrid work week and still working this weekend) but after I saw your updates on IG, I just had to! Congratulations on moving to a wonderful place with the promise of making wonderful memories. I hope the finances work out. Good luck, and to good times!

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  5. Your new apartment is soooo beautiful. I’m so sorry to hear how stressful it was, but am glad you are all moved in and enjoying your new space πŸ™‚

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