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Little Yellow Sweater, but it’s not really yellow

As I mentioned in my last post, I have some finished projects I’d like to show to you. The first one is a cardigan designed by Andrea Mowry; the pattern is called Little Yellow Sweater (LYS). It’s slightly similar to the Sweet As Honey cardigan that I had knitted in 2018, but the lace panel is different, and it’s shorter.

I wanted to find the right match for my three skeins of DyeDyeDone Alpa-Si-Li (an alpaca, silk and linen combo in fingering weight) in the Curcuma colourway, and as soon as I found the pattern, I knew that was that.
This yarn is so great, it’s very, very light, and the cardigan weighs almost nothing at all. The alpaca fibres give it fuzziness, while the silk provides a slight sheen and sturdiness, and the linen adds the overall ‘rustic’ look. The colourway fits into the recent trend in my colour choices I think, and in general, it was such joy to knit it!

The pattern is very well written, with both charts (my preferred type) and written instructions for the lace panels, and the excellent instructions make it easy to knit. It took me ten days to complete it, and I started on January the 1st; making it my first project of the current year.

I used the copper metal buttons from the ButtonshedUK on Etsy, as they are small, sold in sets of twenty, and the colour is a good match for the sweater.

I find myself gravitating towards shorter, almost cropped cardigans and jumpers recently, and I have a few of them in my queue right now. I’m not sure why as I’ve always preferred longer sweaters – maybe it’s my version of mid-life crisis? πŸ˜‰

I’m waiting for days to be a little warmer to wear this cardigan, as it is still a little too light for now, but I already know it’s going to be worn a lot πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Little Yellow Sweater, but it’s not really yellow

  1. I SAY !! – what a knitter you are, Kat ! That is absolutely beautiful !!!
    Ten days ? Jesus. In 10 days I’d be possibly finishing the back (with any luck). :\
    I do get distracted so easily. Probably advancing senility. Sighh ..
    Anyway: since that’s your quality of knitting, just keep at it – and keep showing your FOs to us ! – they provide such pleasure. πŸ™‚

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  2. You do such beautiful work! I like the little buttons, and that color can go in so many directions — with green, red, or blue. I’m like you in that I like the longer styles (tunic length, to cover a multitude of sins!).

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    1. Yes, I love tunics! But recently I’ve been adding short sweaters to my knitting queue and I’m not sure why. I’m actually knitting a crop top now!


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