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Summer Carnival in Spring

This is a post I’ve meant to write for more than a month now, and I could never find the time or mood for that, so I think it’s high time to present my Summer Carnival Bolero finally!

It’s the shortest cardigan I’ve ever owned (or knitted), and it’s a somewhat surprising addition to my wardrobe, as I’m usually more of a tunic kind of gal. But recently I’ve found myself knitting smaller and shorter sweaters, and it culminated (at least I think so, if I go any shorter, it’s not going to be a sweater anymore but… I don’t know… a cowl?) in this bolero. As it’s finally getting warmer, it’s a functional, lightweight, not too covering layer that I can wear below my spring jacket. That is, at least I could do it if I went out – my only trips are taking the rubbish out, going for short walks in the neighbourhood (we don’t have many places to walk here even though the area is rural and green, as there are mostly fenced pastures and there are no pavements. To have a proper walk we have to go by car first, a little farther than is allowed for non-essential reasons now) and rare grocery shopping, that we try to limit as much as possible. But in theory… the bolero is perfect for now 😉

The pattern is Summer Carnival by Georgie Nicholson, and the yarn I used is fingering weight Pure Merino from Dye Dye Done. The bolero is intended to be worn open, so the buttons are optional, but I decided to add them as I don’t like to wear my cardigans unbuttoned if they are middle layer worn under a jacket. The pattern includes some lacy elements, a faux “brooch” and lacy panels, but I skipped those as I think this speckled yarn is not suitable for lace. I also prefer it to be simple, without any decorative elements.

So here it is – a fine an unusual (for me) addition to my springtime wardrobe!

Moving on to the non-crafty topics, the pandemics is still something I can’t escape even while being isolated at home. It seems so trivial to focus on the crafts and yarn when my mind is constantly occupied by dark thoughts. The virus itself scares me less than the long-term repercussion that seem inevitable, especially when I follow news from my country. I might be away from there but I have all my family and many good and dear friends there, and with all the turmoil going on in the world, the majority party in the parliament is taking the nation one step closer to some weird, semi-religious dictatorship each day. Watching the recent events in Hungary, I fear this is where Poland is going to end up soon. And that’s just one thing… in addition to that, the companies for which both me and my boyfriend work (we are external contractors with long-term contracts) also decided to take the opportunity and make some unfavourable (to us) changes to our contracts, even though they subcontract us both to public institutions (me for the EU administration, him to the Irish one) which haven’t reduced our workload or rates. So although for now we are fine, it keeps me worried what can happen when the recession kicks in. Of course, I understand that everyone is in vulnerable situation now and we are both really lucky and privileged to still have our jobs. It’s just that sometimes staying positive is very challenging.

At least I can keep myself busy with my knitting, books, cats and games! And I also like being home together with the Boyfriend, I have to say, with all the stories about increasing divorce rate after people have to spend time together at home, it’s good to think that we haven’t even argued once. I think he’s a keeper 🙂

13 thoughts on “Summer Carnival in Spring

  1. He certainly sounds like a keeper, Kat ! 🙂
    The more I read of people’s various financial anxieties, the more I realize how very fortunate I am to be an age pensioner: the pension is barely enough to live on, but it’s THERE, and it’s CONSTANT. In these times, an ancient old broad must thank her lucky stars to be so very far from youth.
    As well, I am happy that my very beloved husband is not alive: I would have worried constantly about him !

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    1. Yes, there’s not much security now… Even before the pandemics but as the recession is surely coming, it’s just all so stressful.
      But as they say… Hope for the best, prepare for the worst 🤷‍♀️

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  2. P.S.: The bolero – it’s terrific. We used to have boleros when I was young: they were a staple wardrobe item. But yes, they ‘did up’, always,

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  3. I do like that speckled yarn. Nice to fill in gaps in the wardrobe in such a colorful way. This is an election year here in the US, and I’m afraid we’re heading for another governmental trainwreck either re-electing the incumbent or jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with something worse.

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    1. Yes, it’s scary how all these dangerous radical political options have gained support all over the world recently. I really want to hope for the best but it’s not easy these days.


  4. I’m having trouble liking posts today for some reason! This is so gorgeous, Kat, and such a beautifully moody-colored yarn for transitioning from winter into spring! I really love the button you added too.

    ::big big hug:: I’m so sorry to hear about what is going on with your contracts. It’s scary right now and we’re seeing stuff here too that I didn’t even witness during the recession. I’m glad you have wonderful quarantine partners with your boyfriend and cats and a hobby that is soothing. And we are hear to listen if you need to vent, it’s just too weird and scary to keep bottled up.

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  5. What a lovely wardrobe addition! It looks super cute on you!!

    Crazy times, huh? Thank goodness for knitting. 🙂

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