Boyfriend’s Jumper

I mentioned here several times in the past that I’m sticking with knitting hats when it comes to knits for the Boyfriend. He never wears any scarves – neither those made by me nor any other – and he hardly ever wears the jumper I made, because it’s a thick aran weight sweater and he feels too warm in it. But he always wears the hats from me and seems to like them, or at least he’s kind enough to claim so.

Well, I’m taking it back: all it took for him to appreciate a good warm sweater was for his office to have long-term heating issues. Suddenly not only he started wearing sweaters (and got complimented on the one from me!) but also asked if I could make him another one. Well, of course, I could!

We browsed through the potential patterns and established the following: it should be in thinner yarn than the previous one, so he could wear it also when the heating is working, the neckline shouldn’t be too high but also not too open, and it should be as simple as it gets. Oh, and also more close-fitting if possible.

These criteria brought us to the Rockland Crewneck pullover pattern, and it was approved by the Boyfriend. Yay!

This is a very cleverly designed jumper. It reminds the construction of the set-in sleeves, but in fact, it is knitted in one piece, from the bottom up. I love seamless construction which lets me avoid sewing (I’m always worried my seams in knitting look a little wonky), so I was happy with this choice.

The yarn I decided to use is Wollelfe hand-dyed merino sock yarn, in a colourway called khaki, but in fact, it’s a semi-solid, warm light brown. The pattern, which utilises a simple ribbed stitch, is easy to understand and follow.

It should be a breeze of a project, but in reality, it took me over a month to finish, because I’ve been knitting it during a very busy work period and in a particularly bad mood. Staying focused on anything was challenging, so I only knitted a few rows a day. But step by step, I made it, and the jumper is ready now!

Of course, it’s already too warm to wear it (plus, again, the Boyfriend is allowed to work from home now, so he’s mostly wearing his favourite hoodies here), but it’s going to be perfect when summer ends.

And while we’re waiting for it to end (just kidding, I wish it was here now!), I’m enjoying the traces of spring in my home, as my Chlorophytum – one of few plants I can safely keep indoors without the risk of my pesky cats getting poisoned if they decide to nibble on it – has been blooming for days now. Each tiny flower lasts for a day only and then, a new one appears. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s Jumper

  1. You are a brave one for knitting a nonmarital sweater! But he seems to like it, so it looks like the Sweater Curse has been bucked. Even if I had a boyfriend of my own, I’d probably wait until there was a ring of some sort before knitting him a sweater. But then again, the most I’d probably need to knit for a boyfriend in this part of the world is a nice wooly hat for those cold days in January.

    Nice colorway, though, and the final product looks great and seems to fit its recipient very well.

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    1. Thanks! You sent me down the rabbit hole of reading about the Sweater Curse. Lol I asked the Boyfriend if he’s going to dump me now and he said only if I knit him a Christmas Jumper and expect him to wear it, so I think we’re safe for now. Sigh of relief! 😉

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  2. [gasp !} STRUTH !!
    I don’t know when I last saw such beautiful knitting, Kat – in either of the lucky man’s sweaters !
    How CAN you produce such wonderful garments ?! (rhetorical question)
    I am full to the brim with admiration – and also jealous rage. [grin]

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    1. Aww, thank you! Now I’m blushing, but also feel the praise should go to the designers – I’m not really a creative knitter and only follow up someone else’s instructions!
      Imagining the “jealous rage” made me chuckle 😉

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      1. No, seriously, that is QUALITY knitting ! That’s the real test, fine weight yarn and thin needles and a plain (but delightful) design; and you have come through with flying colours !

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  3. Wow! This is such a handsome sweater, and the fit looks perfect!!! I’ve never managed to knit one that Paul really loves, so I’m especially impressed. LOL

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  4. The sweater has turned out just awesome, and the fit is great! I think you’re gonna get more requests from your boyfriend now… (But who’s complaining 🙂 )

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    1. Thank you! I think what “saves me” from too many requests from him is the Irish climate, the winters are like harsh autumn and neither him nor me wear thick, heavy sweaters here, at least not often. But me and my needles are ready if he demands more 😉

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  5. I’m with everyone else, Kat, you have a real talent for knitting beautiful garments! That sweater looks so nice and cozy!

    I love the peeks of spring 🙂 I hope work is less stressful soon!

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