Another Summer Knit And I’m Happy With It!

That’s right! After my first successful summer project, I decided to try again and knit another garment using a different shade of the same Lithuanian 3-ply Linen. This time it’s a summer cardigan designed by Ambah O’Brien, called Natsu. I’m not even sure if the word ‘cardigan’ is the best for it, it’s something between a kimono top, poncho and a summer light jacket, but whatever the name, it’s a perfect summer piece of clothing. Just have a look!

Natsu is very loosely knitted, which creates a super light, stretchy net, with open and wide construction. It’s made in one piece top-down, and the sleeves are separated almost at the bottom of the jacket. It’s meant to be worn with generous positive ease, and it’s possible to choose between two or three sizes which would all work well, depending on how loose one wants it to be. I chose the EU size 34/36, even though the typical clothes I currently wear are 38 because my weight is a constant roller coaster that can change up to two sizes up and then back down within one year, depending on my meds (which can cause incredible appetite or its total lack). That’s why such versatile designs that can accommodate either weight loss or gain easily are perfect for me.

Once the main part of the cardigan including the sleeves is made, the lacy band is knitted. Then all it takes is to block it lightly…

…and wear it!

The weather in Ireland has been great recently, and this is the perfect top layer to throw around the shoulders on a warm day with a cool breeze for additional light protection. It would also make a great beach outfit. It can be worn like on these photos, with a pin/ brooch in front (thank you, The Owl Underground for the idea to buy a penannular shawl brooch! it’s perfect!), or open.

On my way for our weekly groceries; no brooch

I love it so much that I’m already knitting another one, for my Mum. I know she’ll love it, this is her style, and it’s just very comfortable and practical in the summer. The only difference I’m planning is to make it a little longer as I know it’s her preference. I might knit another one for myself, too, unless I find too many other patterns that will distract me 🙂

And since I mentioned the beautiful weather, I think it’s a great opportunity to share some springtime picture. Those of you who follow my Instagram have already seen them; but for everyone else, here is some Irish countryside in April. Enjoy and have a great week everyone!

13 thoughts on “Another Summer Knit And I’m Happy With It!

  1. I just may have to look that pattern up. I have stashed away some Malabrigo sock yarn in a lovely teal color that has been calling my name. Penannular brooches work so well as shawl pins — and there are so many nice ones out there. We’ve been having a surge of “warm” weather here in Tx too. You would know I have two appointments on Thursday when the high temperature is supposed to be 98 F(36.6 C).


    1. The pattern is great, simple and enjoyable and just perfect for this time of the year!
      Your summer sounds like Greece; in Ireland when it’s about 24 C it’s called “heatwave” and the media warn people to use sunscreen, drink water and stay in the shadow which is a bit funny :))
      Fingers crossed for your appointments!


  2. Love it, it screams summer! 🙂 And it looks so stylish too. Hope your Mum likes hers as well!
    And the pictures are lovely – the greenery is pretty serene, and calls out for walks!

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