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Late Nights

Hello! How are you doing my Friends? I hope everyone is fine, staying safe in self-isolation.

Who would have thought a year ago that this would be a common way to begin a blog entry? We live in interesting times, and I miss the good old boredom!

Here in Ireland, we entered the first stage of a 5-phase roadmap to reopening the country yesterday, and it seems that everyone assumes we’re already past the danger. I went to do my weekly grocery shopping yesterday, and I was baffled to see people without masks, gloves and approaching each other casually as if everything was already back to normal. But the 1st phase is hardly any change at all, the process is supposed to be a gradual (and slow – until August) transition into “business as usual”. Right now, some outdoor vendors and workers can reopen/ get back to work, and people from different households can meet up outdoors, but still keeping the distance. Meanwhile, all the neighbourhood kids are running around together in a large group today, and I just can’t see it ending well. I hope I’m wrong!

Our days run slowly, we try to keep up with the daily walks or jogging, and it definitely keeps us both feel better – physically and mentally. I’m always amazed at how much physical exercise stabilizes my mood and mental state. It can be a vicious cycle that when I feel down, I find it hard to make myself work out or even take a walk, which, in turn, makes me feel even worse. Sometimes it’s a real struggle not to let it happen! I try to use various tricks to make myself walk and run, and that’s where the technology comes in handy. I play Pokemon Go! and use Zombies, Run! app and they make being active more fun. To anyone who considers taking up running, the Zombies, Run! app is awesome – go check it at Play Store or Apple Store!

Work has been slow for me these days; I currently am a consultant for two projects and the people who run them seem to have a good grasp on everything, so I’m not overloaded with things to do. Sometimes my job makes me very pessimistic; as topics such as climate change, species extinction, etc. are my daily bread. It can be hard not to see everything that conservation specialists do as putting a patch over a bleeding wound; when the governments (who have the real power here) do not adequately address the real core roots of these issues. But right now I’m involved in a project following a previous successful reintroduction of a certain mammal species in Europe (I can’t talk about any details according to my contract, which I often regret as I’m quite passionate about it!), and it’s such a good feeling to know I help make a real change.

I’ve been slow with reading recently, as my trusty old eBook reader finally had to be retired (well, to be honest, it just decided to retire on its own, without asking me…). I generally try to avoid buying paper books because sooner or later we’re going to have to move and we’d probably have to leave them behind, as we already have too much stuff anyway. I tried to read on a laptop, but my eyes weren’t too happy about it. So instead, I watched two seasons of Star Trek Discovery and re-watched all Star Wars movies in the last two weeks (can you see why I need a new reader?!), and I keep playing video games. I’m going to buy a new eBook reader in the summer after I get paid for the current projects; and I’m thinking of getting a Kobo reader this time. I’m not really too enthusiastic about Kindle and Amazon in general, and I like Kobo’s esthetics; it also has good reviews. My previous reader was a PocketBook and it served me well for nearly 10 years, so I’m considering this brand, too.

Another thing that’s been keeping me occupied these days is, of course, knitting, and I have a finished project to show you! I went full Drops and knitted one of their new patterns, with their yarn, which is even in the same colour as on the pattern photo. It’s a cropped cardigan with lacy elements called Late Nights Pullover, and it’s made using Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk – a very thin yarn with a soft fuzzy halo that knits up like worsted weight due to the fuzz. The result is a very light, soft and cute sweater which is another surprisingly short addition to my wardrobe. I love it!

I also made another Natsu Cardigan, this time for my Mum. I haven’t changed anything in comparison to the first one, except for the yarn colour (this one is off-white). It hasn’t been blocked yet so it’s not very presentable, but anyways, here it is!

Mother’s Day in Poland is on May the 26th, so there’s no way for it to be delivered on time, but I know she’s going to like it even if it arrives in July:)

11 thoughts on “Late Nights

  1. What a cute little sweater. I like the little eyelet detail. That would be cute over a solid color dress — especially one that was rather loose fitting. I’ve hit a trough in my knitting again. I’ll knit for a while but then lose interest and not pick it up for days. I might be going stir-crazy from being in isolation!

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    1. Sometimes taking a break can help with getting the knitting mojo back! Right now, I knit a lot but sometimes I’m also not in mood.
      I can imagine the sweater with a black dress, my only worry is that fuzzy halo that will be hell to remove from the dress later! But I have practice with cat fur so maybe I can do that 😉


  2. Good of you to keep busy, whether it’s walking, knitting, reading, or watching stuff – being idle certainly invites downer thoughts! Love your finished projects – as always, they’ve knit up pretty fast! 🙂

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  3. When I read your intro paragraph, I immediately thought of something I saw on IG that made me laugh – “Man, I miss precedented times.”

    I’m glad you’re keeping safe. I’m with you – I still don’t want to go into any stores, even though Indiana is opening back up (the pool in our community opened yesterday – EEEK.) It’s Memorial Day weekend, so the news have been flooded with images of crowds going to the beach, etc. I’m with you, I don’t see how that’s going to end well, but…fingers crossed.

    Anyway, on to more hopeful topics – those games sound like so much fun! I’m really glad you are able to get outside and enjoy some beautiful scenery. Your work sounds so interesting! I’m glad you are not overloaded right now. I know consulting can get really stressful.

    And as always, your makes are amazing – your mom is going to love the cardigan. And I am reminded that I never sent my mother a gift for Mother’s Day, whoooops D:

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    1. Thank you! This year my mum is going to get a very delayed gift too but it’s the thought that counts, right? 😁
      I saw some photos from US reopened public pools… Yikes. We really need to keep those fingers crossed tight!

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  4. How is your roadmap going now? In Scotland we’re supposed to be starting phase 2 of 5 about now, but like you I’ve seen a lot of people who seem to think we’re suddenly out of the woods and everything can go back to normal so it’s probably going to take a while to get through the phases.
    Yay for your conservation work, that must feel so good helping to make a difference in the world 😀
    I just LOVE your Late Nights jumper, it looks so light but also squishy and warm – perfect! What’s the yarn like to work with? I get a bit tense about fuzzy yarns in case I go wrong and they refuse to frog.

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    1. Working with this yarn was easy for me but I was also nervous not to make any mistakes because the few times I had to do minimal frogging it was a nightmare. So it’s good as long as you don’t have to unravel anything! Luckily I managed to avoid it (at least I didn’t have to frog large portions of knitting).
      As for the roadmap, suddenly the government decided to accelerate is significantly and at the end of June places such as gyms, hairdressers etc. are going to reopen (instead of the initially planned end of August). People seem to be taking everything very lightly now, no distance, no masks, and I’m worried that it’s going to get worse before we are ready for it (by having a vaccine or at least better treatment options…).

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      1. That’s my worry too, but thankfully we seem to be keeping it nice and slow. Plus, just because something is open doesn’t mean I HAVE to go there, so we can stay safer ourselves.

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