Red Moon Sweater

Hello Friends! Phew, it’s been a while… a really long while since my last post. I’m fine, and nothing bad happened, I just really wasn’t feeling like writing, so I took a bit of a break from blogging. As Ireland is slowly reopening (accelerating the 5-phase roadmap significantly in recent weeks), I find myself in a weird dissociative state, with my thoughts foggy and scattered all over the place.

We haven’t done anything social yet, and I’ve even cancelled my hairdresser’s appointment – luckily the Boyfriend agreed to trim my hair because they really needed that (those pesky split ends!). For a few days now we’ve been allowed to travel anywhere in Ireland, and we wanted to take a weekend trip last week, but it’s been very windy and raining all the time, so we dropped the idea, and hopefully, we can go somewhere this weekend. I’m also planning a girlie “dinner and drinks” night out with some friends next Saturday as the first step to break the isolation, so maybe that will help me get back to a more reasonable and focused state of mind.

But, even though I wasn’t posting here, I kept knitting, and I have some FOs I’d like to show! Let me start with my new top: the Red Moon Sweater.

I usually avoid short-sleeved sweaters/woollen tops because they never seem to be comfortable, no matter the weather. The wool makes me sweat on the warm days, and the short sleeves make me freeze on cooler days – just a strange combination altogether. But I really liked the moon phases pattern, and I didn’t think the top looked as good with long sleeves (that’s why I love the ability to see the FOs of other knitters on Ravelry so much!), so I decided to just get over my prejudice and cast on.

I used Malabrigo sock yarn in Tiziano Red as the main colour and Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Multi in Burlingame colourway for the contrasting elements. I was so eager to start knitting that I couldn’t even be bothered with swatching! I decided to follow another Raveler’s notes as I liked their version of the bottom band and the sleeves the most.

The colourwork was a little tricky due to the length of the strands carried on the wrong side, and it clearly shows in my top, which isn’t precisely as even and smooth as it should be. But honestly, I don’t even mind – I thought it would be worse!

The pattern isn’t the best written, and from what I read in the Ravelry comments, it’s particularly problematic for bigger sizes. But it happily worked for me, so I can’t complain!

I love the moon phases and the stars at the bottom, and I really like how these two colourways work together. Now to find the best weather to wear it…

18 thoughts on “Red Moon Sweater

  1. Kat, this is amazing! The colorwork is absolutely gorgeous!! I always remain impressed by how quickly you can whip up a beautiful sweater. This would take me years 🙂

    The dinner and drinks night sounds like so much fun. I think it’s really good you have something like that scheduled, and having that connection is definitely a mental health boost! I wish our country had been as cautious as the EU has been with reopening. I totally understand your canceling the salon appt, I canceled mine too. Husband is high risk so we’re probably going to continue as is with our quarantine, since the States can’t seem to get it together.

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    1. I’m semi high risk too so I keep wearing the mask and I don’t think I’ve ever washed my hands so often lol. But I thought I should cautiously get out and see people. I miss female company and just chatting about anything!
      And thank you, I knit fast because I am too lazy to do anything else 😜

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      1. Yeah, that’s so important! And I think you’re doing it in a really safe way too. It’s been really hard for us to determine what is truly risky and when anxiety is taking over (which there is a lot of right now!) We might be meeting up with one of my coworkers for a socially-distanced hike this weekend (as long as they wear masks eeek)

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  2. Good grief ! – I had no idea you were a knitter of this ,, this .. this level of magnitude, Kat ! This is SENSATIONAL !
    (I agree re the short sleeves, but that’s because my awful old arms are so – awful :D)
    I can only make obeisance, with much reverence, for this beautiful garment; and add (once having lifted my forehead from the floor) that you’ve now set yourself a precedent that you might come to regret ! [grin]

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  3. Gorgeous colorway! It’s great that it fits perfectly despite not starting with a swatch! 😉 I’ve come across the same cons of knit blouses/tops (hot in summers, falls short in winters) with one of mine – it looks great, but I haven’t worn it much at all. I hope this top fares better, and you get good use from it.
    Stay safe and have fun on your night out!

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    1. I think I may try to knit a matching thin cardigan at some point, or really long arm/wrist warmers to make it more suitable in the colder months. I tried to wear it yesterday (cool rainy summer) but it was a torture. I even find thicker cotton knits too much in the summer and many patterns use aran or worsted cotton for summer knits.
      Stay safe too!

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  4. Wow! I really like that sweater. Red is such an unexpected color for it, though. (I would have chosen a dark blue or a light navy — so predictable!) You might pair it with a long-sleeved blouse. That neckline would work with a blouse collar. Or you might pair it with a long-sleeved cotton tee. It would work well for those transitional days of autumn and spring when just keeping your core warm is enough. That sweater is a real showcase of your knitty talents!

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    1. Thank you! I guess I went with a Blood Moon theme 😉
      I’m planning to pair it with long sleeves tee or a thin cardigan, otherwise it won’t really work for me.


  5. What a beautiful project! I have one short sleeve wool sweater that I usually wear in the early winter with a non-knitted cardigan over it.
    And I know what you mean about going out – I’ve done more things than I sometimes feel like I should recently but generally they have been outside. Thankfully we’ve had really good weather!

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    1. That’s how I’m going to try to wear it, too!
      I’ve cancelled the Saturday dinner unfortunately because after reopening, it seems like everyone in Dublin decided to get out to pubs, bars and restaurants and so the second wave of the pandemics is expected. It’s worse that I’d hoped for… I think it’s not worth the risk. But we’ll think of some alternative thing to do outdoors instead! It feels safer than a crowded restaurant.

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