Gadget time!


That’s going to be a very short post and it’s about what you can see on the photo above. Yup, I bought a row counter and I just cannot understand why haven’t I done it earlier! It’s cheap, it’s small and doesn’t take up any space, and it’s so helpful! Seriously, all this time I’ve been counting my rows and writing them down on paper or in a text file if I had a pattern on the PC, each time having to stop crocheting for a while – now the counter is on my thumb like a ring and I only click the bigger key and that’s it! If I put it away and it goes off, after pressing the same key it remembers the number.

I’m a bit anti-gadget as I think this is already quite an expensive hobby, especially that I crochet a lot and adding more and more items just seems unnecessary. Plus I just don’t like hoarding and I try not to collect things I don’t really need. I already have way too many (well, not really, I use them all for different things, but still…) crochet hooks, needles, markers, buttons, eyes for toys, a large project bag, and now also two sets of knitting needles, cable needles (because I sooo want to make braids already, I can’t wait!)… seriously, if I ever move into my own house or a large apartment, I will have a separate room for crafts! With no access for cats, hear me, Stella and Ciri? I’m talking about you here! I try to limit buying those only to what I really need… but well, as much as crocheting or knitting without row counter is possible, it is just easier with it.

Do you have some useful gadgets that make yarn crafts easier too?