Happy Holidays!


Scrat from Ice Age has his acorn, so he is as happy as a squirrel can be. And I’d like to wish such true happiness to all the visitors to my little blog. It’s wonderful to have you here.

For me, this year it’s only me, my boyfriend and the cats. I miss my family, and I’d like to be with them now, but in a way I am. Polish Christmas is magic – and I mean it literally. All the traditions of this time have roots hundreds of years ago in the pagan past, in the folk beliefs in magic, demons and contact with the spirits of our ancestors. Even the meals are symbols, based on specific ingredients and different from anything else we eat during the year. Not to mention beliefs like the one that says all the house and farm animals can speak today at midnight 😉

Since I am not a follower of any religion, to me this time is about that: connection with those who were before me. There is something so comforting about this continuity and the fact that we still do something that they used to do years ago.

So whatever you celebrate, I wish you a happy, peaceful and unforgettable time… and perhaps many new wonderful crafting projects 😉



Meet the girls! Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady

Sometimes I’d like to write about other things than crocheting here. Not necessarily about my daily life, don’t worry, but about things I find interesting, inspiring and important.

Like my cats, of course 🙂

Meet my two fluffy friends, Stella (the tabby) and Ciri (the black and white):



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