Hi, I’m Kat!

I am a Polish woman, living in Dublin. I work independently as a consultant in nature conservation and when I don’t work, I love knitting, crocheting and spending time with my two spoiled cats and my boyfriend. Or maybe they should be in different order, who knows? 😉

Let’s talk about crochet. I learned it years ago at primary school. Three basic stitches: single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet quickly became my passion. But back then, internet was not a big thing, and lacking inspiration, I stopped crocheting at some point. About 20 years later here I am – crocheting again, supported by all the great resources available on the internet.

I’ve also started learning to knit at the end of 2016 and slowly it’s becoming my favourite yarny craft. There’s so much to learn and to discover, it’s and exciting adventure!

On my website I’d like to share with you the awesome patterns that I find online, projects I’m working on, my adventures on the road to knitting and perhaps present some of my own ideas one day. I want to write about my inspirations, things I enjoy and invite you into my yarny world.

If you’d like to check my projects on Ravelry, you will find me there as Zoriushka.




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