Out with knitting and problems with scrap yarn


I never knit or crochet outside. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything, I just don’t like to knit in the car or tram, and I don’t like carrying my projects around. I prefer the comfort of my home, when I can take as much space as I want with my work, and where I have anything I might need, including scissors or measuring tape, or a crochet hook if I drop a stitch.

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Combined (=combination) knitting


As I mentioned in the past, I have serious problems with maintaining a nice looking, even stocking (stockinette) stitch when knitting flat. I figured that the reason was the difference in tension between knit and purl rows, but it still didn’t make fixing the problem any easier. I was planning to go to a few knitting classes and ask for advice there, hoping that someone experienced could tell me how exactly to correct it. But then I found an advice to try combination (or combined) knitting if I can’t knit in the rounds and my stitches really look very bad. I only regret that I don’t remember the address or name of the website where I first read about it, and my browser’s cache has been cleaned since then 😦

In any case, I’d read more about the method and tried it out immediately – and  was amazed by the result. You can see it on the photo above: the bottom part of the sampler was knitted in the regular, Western way, and the top part – in the combined method. It’s still not perfect and requires more practice before it looks really well, but the difference is clear and the quality of the stitch is acceptable for me now.

Below another picture, in different light: the stitches in the upper part are smaller and more regular, while those in the lower part just… just make no sense at all.


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