Out with knitting and problems with scrap yarn


I never knit or crochet outside. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything, I just don’t like to knit in the car or tram, and I don’t like carrying my projects around. I prefer the comfort of my home, when I can take as much space as I want with my work, and where I have anything I might need, including scissors or measuring tape, or a crochet hook if I drop a stitch.

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My struggle with knitting never ends 😉 Although the second part of my knitting book wants me to knit a jumper or a cardigan at this stage, I definitely don’t feel ready. My stitches still look bad and I don’t want to waste a lot of yarn for something that I (or anyone else) wouldn’t want to wear. So I’m sticking with smaller projects. Challenge for now – a hat for myself.

I found the pattern for beginners: Easy knit beanie by Amanda J. French. I wanted something very simple, no fancy stitches, and this pattern is just that. It’s also knitted in rows, however I ended up knitting it in rounds. It’s not that I wanted a challenge, but my stocking stitch is just awful, with completely different sizes of knit and purl rows. I thought that, since when working in rounds all rows are knitted and not purled, this issue should solve itself, right? And actually I was right 🙂 The stitch looks much better, but I had other problems along the way… Just look here and see why:

So many dropped stitches! I also created the “ladder” at the ribbed edge, but – hurrah! – I figured out how to avoid it later. But the main problem was that my circular needles are bamboo, and that’s not the best option when knitting in rounds I think – they’re not slippery enough. Plus, I had to use magic loop because they’re too long. In the end I was so fed up with the constant struggle with the needles that I decided to use double-pointed needles instead, and that was the best decision: I found working with them much better, and the fact that they’re not slippery was a good thing, as it secured the stitches from slipping off the needles.

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