My New Little Cardigan

After knitting my Citrus Dream cardigan last month, I knew that I was going to knit it again, with slightly tighter gauge than before, and in a more neutral colours. I find the shape of this design perfect for a lightweight, early autumn or spring cardigan, with larger neck opening and shorter sleeves that allow to easily adjust to the weather by adding a scarf and longer gloves if it gets colder.

This time I used Malabrigo Sock yarn in Piedras colourway, a nice, soft merino yarn in the shades of brown, green, and some hints of purple. I hesitated between three different colour options for the bands and cuffs: orange, mustard and light green. I liked each version, but ultimately decided to stick with the initial plan of knitting in more “neutral” shades, so I used some of the yarn bought at Wollinn – Live or Dye fingering merino in pale, muted green.

I think the result is great, and the colour combination reminds me of an autumn beech forest, with brown beech and green spruce and fir – exactly the kind of forest that is typical for the lower parts of the mountains close to my home in Poland.

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Tiny top


If you read some of my previous blog posts, you know that a few times a year I donate my knits to animal rescue charity auction. It’s a small local rescue run by one woman who managed to build an amazing support network and helps many dogs and cats. Each auction also has one other chosen rescue that receives part of the collected funds.

This time, unlike previously, I didn’t have anything ready in my gifts and donations box, but I wanted to contribute even in a small way, so I used up the last skein of Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras colourway and knitted a cute baby top. It’s a very simple and lovely pattern, and it takes one afternoon to knit it.

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A very active week and treats for senses


I really don’t want to turn this blog into my health-related ranting space. I promise that’s not my hidden agenda 😉 But these days are dominated by health and illness issues for me and my life is largely organised around them so it’s difficult to avoid this topic… However, to prove that I’m still all about yarn, above is the sneak peak of my current WIP 😉 And this post is going to end more on a more cheerful note than it starts!

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Emerald cabled shawl

kompozycjaI’ve been looking for patterns for simple, “solid” shawls for long. And as much as I love beautiful, delicate, lace designs, I couldn’t find anything simple, that wouldn’t look too much like taken out of grandmother’s wardrobe at the same time. Not that I have anything against grandmother’s wardrobes, in fact, one of my grandmothers was an excellent tailor, another one a good knitter and a very elegant woman 😉

But I digress again. I haven’t found anything I really liked, and what’s more, many patterns are based on triangle which quickly gets too long, before it is wide enough.

And then I bought the Malabrigo sock yarn, and as I added it to my stash on Ravelry, I checked what other people made with it – and here it was: Foliose shawl by Cirsium Crochet. Made exactly with the colour I bought, too. The moment I saw it, I knew that this was the pattern I had been looking for.

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