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Quick projects


Last days have been keeping me busy with work, so my crochet and knitting projects were easy and fast, not to distract me too much.

In practice, it means two more pair of socks, this time one pair for my Dad (his birthday is soon so I have an excuse to knit them for him) in black and white, and one pair for my Nephew, mostly in blue. Both are, again, knitted with Drops Fabel (have enough of it for 3 pairs more) and based on Ann Budd’s basic socks patterns. I can’t believe I actually consider knitting socks “easy”, but in case of this basic pattern it really is, once I understood how it works and what exactly needs to be done.


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My struggle with knitting never ends 😉 Although the second part of my knitting book wants me to knit a jumper or a cardigan at this stage, I definitely don’t feel ready. My stitches still look bad and I don’t want to waste a lot of yarn for something that I (or anyone else) wouldn’t want to wear. So I’m sticking with smaller projects. Challenge for now – a hat for myself.

I found the pattern for beginners: Easy knit beanie by Amanda J. French. I wanted something very simple, no fancy stitches, and this pattern is just that. It’s also knitted in rows, however I ended up knitting it in rounds. It’s not that I wanted a challenge, but my stocking stitch is just awful, with completely different sizes of knit and purl rows. I thought that, since when working in rounds all rows are knitted and not purled, this issue should solve itself, right? And actually I was right 🙂 The stitch looks much better, but I had other problems along the way… Just look here and see why:

So many dropped stitches! I also created the “ladder” at the ribbed edge, but – hurrah! – I figured out how to avoid it later. But the main problem was that my circular needles are bamboo, and that’s not the best option when knitting in rounds I think – they’re not slippery enough. Plus, I had to use magic loop because they’re too long. In the end I was so fed up with the constant struggle with the needles that I decided to use double-pointed needles instead, and that was the best decision: I found working with them much better, and the fact that they’re not slippery was a good thing, as it secured the stitches from slipping off the needles.

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Rug and other mishaps

So… the doggie jacket was a project from hell. I frogged and restarted it about million times or so, and in the end it turned out so stiff and ugly that I felt sorry for the poor dog who would have to wear it. So I didn’t even frog it one more time, just threw it all away. And then I turned to an old, tried pattern to crochet a rug which would finally use up the long stored aran wool in my stash. This wool was just too coarse to use it for a hat or a scarf.


That was both super easy and super fast and will replace an old similar rug, which was completely ruined by my cats (because it’s so awesome to wrap their toys in it and then search for them, using the claws of course). I hope it will last a bit longer than the previous one, especially that winter is coming quickly, days are shorter, and cats sleep more too – on their crocheted blankets and cushions of course 😉

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